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Meet our Staff:


Michele Brown – Senior Assistant Director for Outreach & Academy

How long have you been with EA:  I have been at Ohio State since 1992.  I have been an admissions counselor, planned on-campus visitations, worked with the Ohio State Academy program, and developed programming for college access.  My role was officially made a part of the Economic Access Office in 2012. 

Favorite part of working in office:Working in a college environment is always energizing and interesting.  I love the opportunities to work with students of a variety of ages from 8th grader to graduate students.  It’s fun to help students learn and grow, both in a formal setting and in informal conversations.  I am so lucky to have a job that gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the world, and to make a difference to individual students.  

Something fun about you: I used to be a camp counselor, and love the outdoors.  I enjoy gardening, camping, biking and hiking.  I also am a big reader, and love cats. 

Future Plans: Continue to work to help all students have the opportunity to pursue higher education. 

Something every Buckeye should know: Every Buckeye should know our Buckeye Traditions, including Carmen Ohio, Fight the Team and Buckeye Battle Cry.  I’m happy to teach them to anyone who wants to learn!