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Fisher College of Business email signature

Part of the identity guidelines includes a standardized email signature that can be used with Outlook or other email applications. This signature will be rendered as HTML without adding an attachment to the message. 


Use the form below to enter your information. Click "Generate Signature" and then follow the instructions to add the signature to your email program. 

Some fields contain examples of recommended formatting (e.g., 614-292-1234 for phone numbers, 100 Bricker Hall for Room/Building) but these are placeholder examples only. If no information is entered in a field, it will not appear in the generated signature. 

Required fields are marked in red.

Personal Information

ex: Brutus Buckeye, PhD


ex: 100 Bricker Hall
5 digit or 5+4 format is acceptable

Phone numbers

ex: 614-292-1234
ex: 614-292-1234
ex: 614-292-1234


Enter your name.# only


In order to prevent spam submissions, please answer the following equation:

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