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Merchandise and apparel



People love free stuff, especially free Ohio State stuff. Merchandise, aka "swag," can be an effective reminder of our brand. However, don't expect it to carry your entire message and compel your audience into action. Instead, it should be a part of the whole Ohio State experience you provide.

When designing identification elements for merchandise, keep it simple, and remember that the Ohio State name is the one that will make someone hold onto a pen or T-shirt. Consider leveraging the power of the university logo and be creative with the name of your unit, program, etc.—like using your URL, Twitter handle or hashtag rather than the full name. "OSU.EDU" is a powerful brand indicator, and online interaction with the university later is a great opportunity for your audience to further engage with the Ohio State brand.

All logos appearing on merchandise and apparel should have the ® symbol.

Exception guidelines:

  • The logo can be made smaller than minimum size when necessary due to size limitations, but work with your vendor to estimate readability.
  • When space does not allow for the full logo, the Block O with the ® may be used in its place.
  • Consider using approved secondary art as brand-appropriate decorative elements.
  • Consider representing your name with text using Proxima Nova, e.g.:
    • The Ohio State College of Medicine
    • Ohio State College of Medicine
    Note: These are exception use cases and should not be used as a unit identifier.

For approval of merchandise design or for more information, email


Like print and electronic communications, there is a great deal of creative flexibility built into branded Ohio State apparel. Follow the logo use rules for all apparel designs and wear the brand proudly.

Embroidery-friendly logos

Because of the complexity of the university logo, we have worked with the trademark and licensing department and approved apparel manufactures to take the guesswork and challenges out of clean production. This special configuration should be used for embroidery ONLY. Embroidery-friendly secondary signatures are also available. Please contact trademark and licensing for a list of approved vendors who have embroidery-friendly logo files. 

Thread color

The following colors have been found to accurately match our primary brand colors:
Scarlet – Isacord 1903
Gray – Isacord 0111

Embroidery-friendly logo