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Unit identification

The Ohio State visual identity system features four options for representing unit names clearly and consistently. These identifiers give design prominence to units without making our organization appear complicated or difficult, while the diversity in locations and accompanying treatments provides flexibility for different looks and degrees of prominence.

Names of departments, programs, institutes, centers, or other units within a college or central office are represented in one of these four locations outside of the university logo’s clear space. In any location, the unit name may not be typeset to appear integrated with the university logo or a secondary signature.

The examples provided here illustrate just one type of material format; questions about and requests for alternative formats should be directed to your communications office.


Unit identifier placement options

Place the unit name in the headline of the piece. The name can either stand alone or be incorporated in a longer headline with additional verbiage.
Scarlet band
Place the unit descriptor in a scarlet band that is prominently displayed on the cover of your piece. The scarlet band can also wrap around the piece or serve as a consistent visual element throughout.
The kicker places the unit identifier above the headline of the piece, aligned left.
The signoff treatment places the unit name opposite the logo at the bottom corner of a piece, in effect "signing" the piece with the unit's name. The unit identifier should appear well outside the logo clear space.
Signoff detail
When more than one college, campus, or central office is represented in a single marketing communcations piece, use the primary university logo or wordmark and list the college, campus, or office names in the signoff location.

Applying unit identification

Application example

Identifying your unit is easy once you get the hang of it. Below are four steps to get you started, and the university’s brand team is happy to help anytime you need it (

  1. If your college, office, campus, or medical center has an approved secondary signature, decide whether to use this secondary signature or the primary university logo. Consider the benefits to your audience and the business case for both scenarios.
  2. Choose the logo configuration and placement that best suit your needs.
  3. Choose a placement option for your unit identification that best fits your needs, while keeping sustainable consistency in mind. Will this placement work throughout your unit’s communications?
  4. Apply the identification to your design. Be sure to use the university fonts, color palette, photography, and secondary art to take full advantage of the power of our visual identity.

When you’re done, show it off! Email a draft of your piece to so we can share ideas and best practices more broadly.