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Like other branded promotional materials, videos produced by Ohio State should be of the highest quality to properly represent The Ohio State University.

Video production is a time-consuming, expensive process. The use of video should be carefully considered.

Key elements to consider:

  • Action: Is anything going on, or is this just a “talking head”? If no other footage can be incorporated, reconsider whether video is the best option.
  • B-roll: What opportunities are there to use other footage to illustrate the story?
  • Timeliness and turnaround time: How quickly can you reasonably produce the video, and is there a need to turn it quickly?
  • Exclusivity: Does the video give the viewer a glimpse of something they may never see? (Example: the Buckeye Bullet racing on the Salt Flats.)

Footage should follow guidelines similar to photography:

  • A person or people prominently featured
  • The use of B-roll (action, artistic representations, shallow depth of field, interesting camera angles, and saturated color to add visual interest)
  • A sense of place, using familiar Ohio State locations, icons, and traditions
  • When possible, the inclusion of something scarlet or Ohio State-specific. As we know, every university has students reading books together and faculty members pointing to a whiteboard, consulting with a patient, or examining a beaker of liquid. So, consider: Can a book in the background have a red cover? Can the researcher wear her lab coat with the university’s logo on it? Look for ways to add a touch that says, “This is Ohio State.”

Not sure if your ideas are in line with our brand guidelines? The university’s brand team is here to help. Email for an art review, samples, or advice.


Clean, clear audio is essential. Background noise should be minimized as much as possible, unless used for effect.

The videos and samples you see in this section are available for download.

Download video files

Intro-outro clips

Use these clips before and after a video segment.

Intro-outro, black background
Video example

Intro-outro, white background
Video example

Lower-third template

To be used at the bottom of the screen to display the name and information of an individual being interviewed.

Sample placement for alumni
Video example

Sample placement for students
Video example