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Science Cafe

Event: Science Cafe
Speaker:Samuel Rowe, OSU Walter E. Dennis Learning Center
Topic: Procrastination, and some ways to avoid it
Summary: Procrastination adversely affects over 50% of the student population (e.g, Piers, 2007). Given the ubiquity of this decision making trend, and the potentially long-term nature of its consequences (e.g. Blunt, Pychyl, & Thibodeau, 2000), itŐs necessary to re-examine how procrastination is thought of, its causes and its potential solutions.

This presentation does just that through the review of research in the psychology of decision making which surround procrastination and explores their apparent implications. These implications are then considered for their contribution to avoiding procrastination.

Date and time:April 3, 2013
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location:Area on Campus: 090/070 18th Avenue Library
Contact:Ruth Sesco
Phone Number:614-292-3955
Event category:Learning Centers
Event Type:Outreach

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