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Pre-Code triple-bill

Event: Pre-Code triple-bill
Laughter in Hell

The Little Giant

Black Moon

A Pre-Code triple-bill, all in 35mm prints! Movie connoisseurs love the films of the “Pre-Code” era (before Hollywood’s limiting Production Code began to be enforced in 1934) for their racy dialogue, sexual innuendo, and often frank (for the time) depictions of social issues and violence. Laughter in Hell stars Pat O’Brien as a man sent to a prison chain gang after killing his wife and her lover. The catch: the prison warden is the dead man’s brother and is enthusiastically abusive to O’Brien. The film and attracted controversy for an intense lynching scene. (70 mins., 35mm) In The Little Giant, prohibition is coming to a close and bootlegger Bugs Ahearn (Edward G. Robinson) tries to plan for the future by breaking into high society. With Mary Astor. (76 mins., 35mm) The forgotten horror film Black Moon features a New York socialite (Dorothy Burgess) who confronts her past by returning to Haiti—where she was raised by a voodoo priestess—with frightening results. Also with Fay Wray and Jack Holt. (68 mins., 35mm)
Date and time:May 23, 2013
7:00 PM
Location:Wexner Center Film/Video Theater
Contact:Ticket office
Phone Number:614-292-3535
Event category:Wexner Center
Event Type:Film

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