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The World of Resplendent Synagogues

Event: The World of Resplendent Synagogues
The Melton Center for Jewish Studies presents The World of Resplendent Synagogues

Laura and Rick Brown
Art and Architecture faculty, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Co-Directors, Handshouse Studio

Thomas Hubka
Professor Emeritus
Architectural History
University of Wisconsin

Rick and Laura Brown of Handshouse Studio, a not-for-profit organization that arranges hands-on projects as a means to explore history, science and the arts, will present a film which documents the rebuilding of parts of the exquisite 18th century Gwoździec synagogue in Poland. The Browns and Thomas C. Hubka, Emeritus Professor of Architectural History at the University of Wisconsin and an authority on wooden synagogues, will discuss this fascinating project which involves the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and volunteers from around the world.

The Gwoździec Synagogue was a remarkable wooden synagogue built in the Polish Lithuanian Empire in 1731 (the town of Gwozdziec is now in the present Ukraine). According to Professor Hubka, the Gwozdziec Synagogue is a "truly resplendent synagogue that exemplified a high point in Jewish architectural art and religious painting, a tradition that was later abandoned by Eastern-European Jewish communities in the 19th and 20th centuries." Although it was destroyed during the Nazi invasion of World War II, the building's photographic and historical records are notable for their completeness.

Funded by the Diane Cummins Community Education Fund and co-sponsored by the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio State's Departments of History and History of Art, Center for the Study of Religion, and Center for Slavic and East European Studies.

Admission to CMH is free for this program

If you would like to learn more about this important historical project, you can go to these three links:,, and
Date and time:October 13, 2013
4:00 PM
Location:Area on Campus: Columbus Museum of Art; 480 E Broad St.
Contact:Lori Fireman
Phone Number:614-292-0700
Event category:Melton Center for Jewish Studies & History Of Art
Event Type:Lecture

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