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Fashion and Copyright: In Defense of Design Copying

Event: Fashion and Copyright: In Defense of Design Copying
The Free Enterprise Lecture Series presents Dr. Edward Lopez of Western Carolina University. Dr. Lopez will present a new defense of design copying. He will argue that design copyists do not merely copy. Instead, they adapt while imitating. These adaptive imitations serve beneficial economic functions, much like innovators and entrepreneurs in the marketplace. Through adaptive-imitation, design copyists are the driving force of novelty, variety, and exclusivity in design, benefiting high-end consumers and producers alike. And by moving design trends along, copyists also generate value, conformity, and comfort to the benefit of mass consumers and producers. Copyright in fashion would deter this process.
Date and time:October 3, 2013
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location:Area on Campus: Jennings Hall, 155
Contact:Todd Nesbit
Phone Number:6142920275
Event category:
Event Type:Lecture

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