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News from a Personal War

Event: News from a Personal War
From one of the codirectors of international phenomenon City of God,News from a Personal War succinctly lays out the battle between RioÕs police forces and the drug dealers who dominate the slums (favelas) that are dramatically perched on the hillsides overlooking the cityÕs wealthiest neighborhoods. Jo‹o Moreira Salles and K‡tia Lund go beyond the copsÕ and the dealersÕ points of view to get all sides of the story: tracing the roots of RioÕs cocaine trade, exploring prison conditions and elaborating the international politics that inform it all. The result is an unusually spellbinding hour thatÕs harder-hitting and more astonishing than any fiction film could be. (56 mins., video)

Before he directed the blockbuster Elite Squad movies and the current RoboCop remake, Josˇ Padilha created Bus 174, one of the most widely distributed and acclaimed Brazilian documentaries. The film gives a minutely detailed account of a Rio bus holdup by an armed young man. The triangulated negotiations between the hijacker, the hostages, and the police were broadcast live on Brazilian TV networks, and the story became an emblematic case of both urban crime and police incompetence and abuse. PadilhaÕs unfolding of the narrative has all the compelling tension of a remarkable true crime story, but he also tells a larger story of the hijackerÕs childhood and how it reveals some of the deepest tensions behind law and order in Rio. (122 mins., 35mm
Date and time:February 7, 2014
7:00 PM
Location:Wexner Center
Contact:jill Malusky
Phone Number:614-292-3535
Event category:Wexner Center
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