Meet the 2011 DICE Interns

In its second year, the Development Internship for Career Exploration accepted eight undergraduate and graduate students for employment in the Office of University Development. Though they hailed from a variety of backgrounds and are involved in many different areas of study, the interns came together for the summer to learn about fund raising and nonprofit work at Ohio State. 

Theresa BrennerTheresa Brenner
Major: Political Science
Graduation: Spring 2012
DICE unit: Moritz College of Law
Hobbies: Reading (especially Harry Potter), sleeping, baking, being with friends. 
Interests or career goals: After graduation I hope to attend law school. In the future I would like to pursue a career as a private attorney, working for a government office, or somehow using my law degree as an employee of Ohio State.
Personal goals during DICE: Through the DICE program I hope to develop an in-depth understanding of development topics. I also hope to expand my professional network and connect with the other student interns. 

What would you tell other students about the DICE internship? I am very grateful for my experience as a DICE intern and would highly recommend the experience to other students. Because of my work with the Moritz College of Law this summer and the time spent in lectures and discussions with great individuals in the development field, I now have to consider a potential career field other than my longtime dream to attend law school and be a lawyer; it is a good problem to have! I learned a lot and had a great time.  
Andrea CorkerAndrea Corker
Major: Strategic Communications
Graduation: Spring 2012
DICE unit: Donor Relations - Stewardship
Hobbies: Tennis, choir, and painting. 
Interests or career goals: I would be very happy to work in donor relations for universities or nonprofit organizations.
Personal goals during DICE: Fine-tune my knowledge and skills regarding development, as well as improve my professional writing and speaking skills.
What would you tell other students about the DICE internship? It's been great to get out there and make connections, have conversations and work in development. I'll come out of the summer with a substantial project with my name on it. I would definitely encourage students to apply for the program. I would also encourage them to be open-minded about the whole internship and not get stuck on a specific department in development. It's been a great experience.
Megan CoulingMegan Couling
Major: M.A. – Higher Education and Student Affairs
Graduation: Spring 2012
DICE unit: Medical Center Alumni Affairs
Hobbies: Sewing, reading, attempting to learn to cook, cycling, volunteering for the Columbus affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
Interests or career goals: Development or marketing at an institution of higher education.
Personal goals during DICE: Develop an understanding of fundraising and development in higher education and meet with as many people in the field as possible.

Additional comments about DICE: I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a DICE intern. The program not only educates you about the field of development and advancement, it connects you with working professionals who want to see you succeed. The internship also allows you to work in a unit and complete a project that you can call your own. Not too many internships create that type of learning experience. I had a wonderful time this summer and would recommend the DICE program to any student interested in getting hands-on development experience.
Arielle GlassmanArielle Glassman
Major: Psychology
Graduation: Spring 2013
DICE unit: Alumni Association
Hobbies: I love to spend time with friends and family, read, exercise, watch movies, and just genuinely enjoy life!
Interests or career goals: I plan on moving out west, hopefully to California, and finding a job in industrial–organizational psychology (the field I want to go in to).
Personal goals during DICE: To successfully complete my project with the OSU Alumni Association.
Additional comments about DICE: The DICE internship program not only offers students hands-on learning experience in the field of development, but also equips them with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in any professional workforce setting.
Michael HaddockMichael Haddock
Major: Strategic Communication
Minor: Business Administration and Entrepreneurship 
Graduation: Fall 2012
DICE unit: Donor Relations
Hobbies: Active member in Phi Delta Theta fraternity, running, photography, taking naps, and eating. 
Interests or career goals: Obtain a position in university development or student affairs and higher education. Depending on my success within the job market upon graduation, I may decide to study for the GRE with the intention of earning a master’s degree in higher education.
Personal goals during DICE: To develop necessary skills and understanding of a career within university development. Also, I am looking forward to meeting new people and networking within the Ohio State community.
Additional comments about DICE: The DICE program gives students a unique opportunity to work in an environment that encourages professionalism, while working alongside professionals who are recognized in their field.
Mark MangiaMark Mangia
Major: Medical Technology
Graduation: Spring 2012
DICE unit: Student Life

Hobbies: Philanthropy, service and volunteering, being involved in student organizations, playing or watching baseball, and watching absolutely any movie.
Interests or career goals: After graduation, I would love to be involved with a hospital foundation or a university development team. Though my degree is rather clinical, I have found a true passion for philanthropy through my involvements at Ohio State. Pursuing a career in this field is most certainly my plan after receiving my degree.
Personal goals during DICE: My personal goal for the DICE program is to learn as much as possible about the world of university development. I look forward to seeing how the university has conversations with donors, and I am excited to learn about the numerous ways philanthropy improves The Ohio State University.
Additional comments about DICE: I was able to network with numerous Ohio State staff and donors, as well as development staff from our peer institutions. Throughout the summer, I worked on a project proposal to implement a student giving program at Ohio State which will replace the Class Gift. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity and experience I acquired.” 
Jack McBrideJack McBride
Major: Political Science
Graduation: Spring 2013
DICE unit: Prospect Research and Reporting
Hobbies: Running or being with friends
Interests or career goals: Becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps
Personal goals during DICE: Networking, professional development, and learning more about philanthropy and the university.
What would you tell other students about the DICE internship? I would absolutely recommend it. It is very competitive to get in, but it's worth it. There are many internships out there, paid and unpaid, but the DICE program gives you a well-rounded look at the university and how it operates. You also get the opportunity to work with senior management and to meet people from every college and unit. The exposure has been great.
Ashley WaltermeyerAshley Waltermeyer
Major: Journalism and Media Production Analysis
Graduation: Spring 2011
DICE unit: Human Resources
Hobbies: Watching and attending sporting events, going out with friends, cooking and trying new restaurants, traveling, and everything that is Ohio State.
Interests or career goals: I would like to either continue on into a career in broadcasting/sports, or work in a university’s development department.
Personal goals during DICE: Learn more about the annual goals the university has for development, and the roles everyone plays in working to achieve these goals.. Also to establish what area of development I may want to someday work in.


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