Meet the 2013 DICE Interns

In its fourth year, the Development Internship for Career Exploration accepted nine undergraduate and graduate students for employment in the Office of University Development. Though they hailed from a variety of backgrounds and are involved in many different areas of study, the interns came together for the summer to learn about fund raising and nonprofit work at Ohio State. Learn more.

Evan ButlerEvan Butler
College: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Biology
Graduation: Spring 2015
DICE unit: Health Science Colleges
DICE unit host: Sue Frost
Hobbies: Playing sports, watching movies, reading old books.
Interests or career goals: I would like to go to professional school for either dentistry or optometry.
Personal goal during DICE: To personally get to know all of the other interns and to help advance and develop OSU to make it the best university it can be.
Elizabeth FisherElizabeth Fisher
College: John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Major: Public Affairs
Minor: Non-Profit Management
Graduation: Spring 2013
DICE unit: Campus Campaign
DICE unit host: Tina Thome
Hobbies: Travel, hang out with friends, read, and craft.
Interests or career goals: Work in fundraising for a university or hospital.
Personal goal during DICE: Improve communication skills with potential donors, increase knowledge, skill, and ability to fundraise.
Kyle ForresterKyle Forrester
College: Fisher College of Business
Major: Marketing
Graduation: Spring 2014
DICE unit: College of Nursing
DICE unit host: Megan Denison
Hobbies: Running, ukulele, traveling, BBQ, reading, and drinking coffee.
Interests or career goals: I would like to take a year or more off to travel after my undergrad degree. When I return I’ll move to a new part of the country to start work, possibly on the West Coast. I want to work for social service nonprofit organizations and help them with fundraising and development.
Personal goal during DICE: As I explore the internal challenges and unique opportunities of working in development for educational institutions, I especially look forward to learning the perspectives of my fellow DICE interns. They are the individuals whose career aspirations most closely line up with mine, much more than those in my major classes or in my personal contacts, so I want to pick their brains and seek their advice for how we can best lead our impact after graduation.
Christine KaiserChristine Kaiser
College: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Strategic Communication
Graduation: Spring 2015 
DICE unit: College of Veterinary Medicine
DICE unit host: Jenny Bergman
Hobbies: I love to spend time with family and friends, as well as meeting new people. I am actively involved with BuckeyeThon and Student-Alumni Council, so much of my time is dedicated to these student organizations.
Interests or career goals: I would like to go into event planning after I graduate. As of now, my dream job would be working with Nationwide Children’s Hospital as an events coordinator to benefit the kids and their families. I am looking for a career where I can take my love for service and leadership and apply it in all that I do.
Personal goals during DICE: My personal goal is to not only grow as an individual and learn more about this university, but apply what I learn to my field of study, along with benefiting the College of Veterinary Medicine through my time working with them.
Erin KaminskiErin Kaminski
College: John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Major: Public Affairs with a specialization in Nonprofit Management
Minor: Business
Graduation: Spring 2015
DICE unit: Donor Relations
DICE unit host: Marie Gibbons
Hobbies: Soccer and spending time with friends.
Interests or career goals: After graduation, I hope to work for a cancer-based nonprofit organization as a fundraiser/event planner. In the future, I hope to one day become an executive director for a nonprofit.
Personal goals during DICE: My personal goal during this internship program is to take the information that we are taught during classroom learning and apply it to the real world in order to fundraise effectively. Through this program, I hope to be able to develop new fundraising strategies, learn how to approach potential donors, and build my network. I truly believe that the Development Internship for Career Exploration will help prepare me for my future work in the nonprofit sector.
Ashley MatthewsAshley Matthews
College: John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Major: Masters of Public Administration
Graduation: Spring 2014
DICE unit: College of Education and Human Ecology

 Mexican food connoisseur, traveling, anything involved with being with my dogs, and attempting to grow a garden.
Interests or career goals: My short term goal is to work in the nonprofit sector in a development capacity but I also have a general interest in corporate philanthropy and consulting. I am particularly enthusiastic about organizations with an emphasis on helping women and girls.
Personal goals during DICE: I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in my individual project but also excited to expand my knowledge base about student donors and how to best engage this particular group. In the end, I hope to step out of my comfort zone, develop my networking skills, and learn more about fundraising in the context of higher education.
Amit RaghuvanshiAmit Raghuvanshi
College: Fisher College of Business
Major: Corporate Finance
Graduation: Fall 2014
DICE unit: Advancement Events
DICE unit host: Laura Sipe
Hobbies: Water polo, hiking, football, watching comedy, and reading.
Interests or career goals: Work in corporate for a company like P&G or Johnson & Johnson and then eventually make my way back to Ohio State.
Personal goals during DICE: To learn what goes on behind the scenes in a branch of university administration.
Linda Sandvik Linda Sandvik
College: College of Education and Human Ecology
Major: Human Nutrition in Industry
Minors: Business and Spanish
Graduation: Spring 2015
DICE unit: College of Arts and Sciences
DICE unit host: Ben Kuflewski
Hobbies: I love to run, play the piano, volunteer, travel with my family, and go to Ohio State football games with my friends.
Interests or career goals: After graduation I would love to use my interests in philanthropy, nutrition, and fitness to help children who are struggling with obesity. I am interested in working for a non-profit organization where I can better the lives of others by teaching them how to live healthier lives.
Personal goals during DICE: I hope to learn more about the role of development and the importance of fundraising within a university, as well as non-profit organizations. I am eager to meet and build relationships with professionals and alumni of The Ohio State University.
Josh StephensJosh Stephens
College: John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Major: Public Affairs with a specialization in Nonprofit Management
Graduation: Spring 2013
DICE unit: Advancement Records
DICE unit host: Phil Hill
Hobbies: Computers/Internet, playing video games, watching movies, reading books, listening to music, trying new foods, and exploring local art and culture.
Interests or career goals: I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall to study higher education. I plan to continue my studies in this field, and wish to ultimately be a researcher and professor in the field. I’m very interested in the current expansion of online learning, and I wish to explore how these emergent technologies will impact all areas of higher education.
Personal goals during DICE: Continue to expand my knowledge about all facets of higher education, while building meaningful professional experience and relationships.


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