What does Ohio State mean to discoveries in animal and human health?

What does Ohio State mean to discoveries in animal and human health?

But for Ohio State and the efforts of veterinary faculty members like Matthew J. Allen, MA, VetMB, PhD, many of the world’s advances in medicine would never come to fruition. Dr. Allen, an associate professor in small animal surgery, recently performed the college’s first canine total knee replacement, and he hopes that Ohio State, already a leader in canine total hip replacement, will become a pioneer in canine total knee replacements—routine surgeries in human patients that began with laboratory research and clinical trials in animals.

Translating research from the lab to the clinical arena has a powerful force in Allen, and his research crosses boundaries--from animal to human--and disciplines. He collaborates with Ohio State’s Small Animal Surgery Service, as well as the university’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and the College of Engineering. “What’s nice is the research we conducted on dogs to help humans is now actually helping dogs,” said Allen. “It’s what Ohio State does best-- collaborating with colleagues across the campus and turning new knowledge into practical solutions.”

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—Suyash Khanuilkar, Class of 2013