Meet the Staff

Meet the dedicated and experienced team who helps you with every aspect of your donor recognition society.

Tammy Savage

Tammy Savage
Director, Recognition and Reporting
(614) 292-9550

I’ve been in my current role for a year and a half and assist the donor relations team with administrative changes, policy issues, and overarching donor relations situations. I oversee the recognition team for The President’s Club, The Neil Legacy Society, and The Oval Society, as well as the donor relations reporting team, which provides donors with financial reporting and information on their gifts. Before The President’s Club, I was an alumni relations coordinator with Ohio State’s Department of Athletics for four years. There, I worked to engage former student-athletes and keep them connected to the university. Prior to that, I worked on a five-year, grant-funded project at the Nisonger Center.

By far and away the best part of my job with the Foundation centers on the donors—their stories, loyalty, and affinity for Ohio State are always inspiring. What I love most about Ohio State is our boldness. Our scope, our research, our programming, and our opportunities—Ohio State has a boldness that provides unique, personalized opportunities for our alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to be tremendously passionate and supportive of the institution.

I am also a Buckeye. As a student, I was on the Dean’s List and a member of the National Journalism Honor Society. I was a scholar-athlete and Academic All-Big Ten athlete. I earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and completed the pre-doctoral Sibling Fellow in Maternal and Child Health Interdisciplinary Leadership Training Program in the university’s College of Medicine and Public Health and Office of Health Sciences. As a volunteer, I was awarded the 2004 Sibling of the Year by Ohio SIBS (Special Initiatives by Brothers and Sisters).

But for Ohio State, I wouldn’t have met the people and made the connections that turned a grant-funded project at the Nisonger Center into a free-standing non-profit organization serving and supporting adult siblings of people with disabilities and their families. Ohio State provided the environment, the platform, and the collective passion for a group of volunteers to change our community.

Cheryl Sefchick

Cheryl Sefchick
Director, President’s Club Services
(614) 292-9550

As the director of President’s Club Services, I work with current and prospective donors, providing them with information and partnering with colleagues to meet people who are interested in The President’s Club. Our office receives questions about many areas of the university. Even when we are asked about issues unrelated to The President’s Club, we do our best to find answers or direct donors to the resources that can help them. Serving as a university ambassador is a part of my job as well.

There are so many generous Ohio State donors, and I value seeing the impact of their giving. I enjoy interacting with donors and being part of the Advancement team, which allows us to reach beyond our department to work with colleagues across the campus. To me, working at Ohio State is a privilege. It’s amazing to be part of an institution that makes a major impact on the state of Ohio and the world beyond.

I joined The President’s Club staff in 2004. Before that, I served as stewardship coordinator for the Fisher College of Business for six years and worked in the Columbus Regional development office for seven years (1991-98). In earlier days, I studied at Franklin University and, from 1981 to 1984, served in the United States Marine Corps. I was stationed at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington, DC, and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. During that time, I was the administrator of a private psychiatric hospital in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

My family is my pride and joy. My husband, Tom, is retired from Ohio State after 37 years on the job. I have three adult children—Ben, Megan, and Amanda. Ben is currently in the Ohio National Guard and stationed in Washington, DC, on a special assignment. In December 2012, Megan welcomed Payton, her first child and my first grandchild. Amanda attends Columbus State and works as a student employee in Ohio State’s Department of Athletics.

But for Ohio State, I would not have had the opportunity to experience firsthand the generosity of Buckeye Nation.

Kendra McElroy

Kendra McElroy
Manager, Donor Recognition
(614) 292-9550

As manager of donor recognition, I maintain The President’s Club recognition lists and create, improve, and monitor the systems for tracking all three of our recognition societies—The President’s Club, The Neil Legacy Society, and The Oval Society. I work closely with donors and colleagues related to recognition and donor benefits, and help coordinate donor communications with the annual giving and direct marketing teams.

I enjoy every day that I am able to interact directly with our donors. They are tremendously appreciative of the help each President’s Club staff member provides. It’s a true affirmation of the great work we do when donors call us back a second time knowing they will receive personal attention. As a member of the Advancement team, I appreciate watching the strides being taken to improve the overall university experience for all of our constituencies. All of this makes Ohio State a great place to be.

Before joining Ohio State in 2006, I spent 26 years as a member of the development and annual giving staffs at Ohio Wesleyan University. Obviously, I am no stranger to higher education and love working in development, where I see firsthand the dedication of alumni, parents, and friends to an institution that means so much to them. Interestingly, many donors to Ohio Wesleyan also support Ohio State. It’s always a treat when those connections are made.

On a personal note, my husband, Jeff, and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We are the parents of Clint and Caitlin. In July 2012, we welcomed our first grandchild, Eleanor, born to Clint and his wife, Sara. In June 2013, Caitlin is expecting our second grandchild with her husband, Larry. Over the last three years, we have celebrated the marriages of both our son and daughter and are now enjoying this next phase. Life is truly changing!

But for Ohio State, I would not have created new relationships with so many wonderful donors and colleagues.

Julie Smith

Julia Smith
Office Associate
(614) 292-9550

I joined the President’s Club staff as an office associate in March 2013 and consider myself a proud honorary Buckeye. My major responsibilities include providing excellent customer service to our donors by phone, e-mail, and in person, as well as supporting members of the President’s Club staff.

The most enjoyable part of my job is interacting with donors and I have never witnessed anything like the excitement and enthusiasm they share for Ohio State. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet in person donors who attend our anniversary events this year, including tours of University Archives and the Urban Arts Space.

Before joining Ohio State, I was involved in real estate, development, insurance, retail, and customer service. I have a degree in journalism and attended law school for a year. Although I knew I wanted to work directly with people in some capacity, I wasn’t sure where that passion would take me. The diverse experiences and insights gained from my previous jobs have led me to Ohio State, where I have found my career.

Personally, baking is a new interest that is teaching me patience and creativity. I also enjoy going to the movies and I find the whole experience exciting, the popcorn, the candy, and the crowd watching together. My fiancé and I adopted our dog, Bo, from a farm outside Columbus. Bo is now a city dog who likes to snuggle and chase tennis balls.

But for Ohio State, I never would have realized there is a place you can work that doesn’t feel like working at all. Beside the pleasure of helping on interesting projects, I like being a part of something that touches the lives of so many people.


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—Suyash Khanuilkar, Class of 2013