Ohio State Calling

Ohio State Calling

Frequently asked questions about fundraising

Why does Ohio State need alumni support? Doesn't the state provide support?
The level of state assistance has fallen from 50 percent 15 years ago to 25 percent today. Tuition and fees account for another 23 percent of Ohio State's yearly budget. The remainder comes from a combination of return on investment, federal monies, fees for services, and private giving from corporations, foundations, alumni and friends. With public funds shrinking, the need for private gifts is greater than ever.

Why does tuition keep increasing?
The increase in tuition is necessary to keep up with the rising costs of higher education. But tuition only covers about one-sixth of the cost of educating students. State funds cover another third of the costs. The rest must be made up from other sources such as return on investments, the federal government, corporations, foundations, and from private gifts from parents, alumni, and friends of Ohio State.

What is the cost of an education today in comparison with the past?
Undergraduate tuition at Ohio State in 1954 was $63 per quarter for Ohio residents. In 1964, that figure rose to $125 and it is currently $2,998. Ohio State students need your help now more than ever to help keep tuition affordable for everyone.

Ohio State Calling
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The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

*Gifts through August 31, 2014


—Suyash Khanuilkar, Class of 2013