Campus Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is faculty, staff, emeritus, and retiree giving so important to Ohio State?

Gifts from faculty and staff, both current and retired, provide funding for important initiatives on all of Ohio State’s campuses. They also are an endorsement of the university, announcing to alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations that Ohio State is an institution worthy of support and that support starts at “home.”

How is Campus Campaign different from other fundraising efforts on campus?

Campus Campaign contributions are used internally for Ohio State’s individual programs, projects, and endowments. Campus Campaign donors choose where they want their gifts to be used according to their interest areas within the university. There are thousands of funds within Ohio State and the Ohio State Medical Center that range from patient assistance to employee education, research, scholarships, and program support.

Other fundraising efforts on campus focus on external charities. Bucks for Charity, Ohio State’s participation in the United Way’s Charitable Drive, and Operation Feed support community organizations and charities in the city and surrounding counties. These initiatives are not related to the annual Campus Campaign and do not support Ohio State initiatives.

When will faculty and staff be asked to make a gift?

The active phase of Campus Campaign is from March 1 through April 30. During that time, volunteers personally distribute gift forms to faculty and staff and ask them to make a gift to the university. However, Campus Campaign is a year-round effort and gifts may be given at any time.

May I designate my gifts to a particular area of the university?

Yes! You may choose from more than 11,000 funds. These may be funds within your own unit or funds related to scholarships, regional campuses, libraries, WOSU, diversity programs, research, childcare, wetlands, athletics, or outreach, to name a few.

How will my gift be used?

It’s your choice! You can designate your gift to any college, department, program, scholarship, or other initiative that you believe in at Ohio State. To search for a fund, please log in to the Campus Campaign online giving site. Emeritus faculty and retirees can give online here.

What is Pelotonia?

Pelotonia is a grass roots bike tour that raises money for innovative and life-saving cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Driven by the passion of its cyclists, volunteers, and their family and friends, Pelotonia's annual cycling experience is a place of hope, energy, and determination. Pelotonia proudly directs 100 percent of every dollar raised to research. Please visit for more information about the event. Gifts to Ohio State through Pelotonia can be made on the Pelotonia website. All Pelotonia gifts made by Ohio State faculty, staff, and retirees—and received by the university from July 1, 2014, thru April 15, 2015—will count toward Campus Campaign 2015 Celebration participation figures.

Please note: While listed on your printed giving form, donations to Pelotonia are not included in Campus Campaign online giving history. To support Pelotonia, visit For questions about Team Buckeye, contact Karl Koon at or (64) 293-9523. 

How much of my gift will actually go to the fund(s) I select?

100 percent!

Is my gift confidential?

Your participation is shared with Campus Campaign volunteers; however, we do not provide information about the amount of your gift or your designation.

Not everyone can afford to make a large contribution. What difference could a small gift make?

Each gift—no matter how big or how small—is important. Whatever amount, your gift shows that you believe in the fund you have chosen to support. There are many funds that receive a large number of “small” gifts.

Is my gift tax deductible?


How do I make my gift?

To make a one-time gift:

  • Cash—Drop off in person at 1480 West Lane Avenue. Please do not send cash through the mail, to ensure your gift is secure.
  • Check—Make payable to The Ohio State University Foundation.
  • Credit card—Include your credit card number and expiration date on your gift form or make your gift online now. Emeritus faculty and retirees can give online at OSU Physicians, Inc. staff can make credit card gifts at Payroll deductions will need to be set up via E-mail ( or using the paper gift form.
  • Payroll deduction (current faculty and staff only)—Sign up today by making your gift online and choosing the payroll deduction option, or include deduction information on your gift form. Deductions are ongoing gifts through per pay installments (12 times per year for those paid monthly and 26 times per year for those paid biweekly) and continue until Gift Processing or the Campus Campaign office is notified otherwise.

How can I find out what I gave to last year?

Each donor packet is personalized, listing up to six payroll deductions and five gifts made during the previous year’s campaign. You may also view a list of your current payroll deductions and previous year’s gifts by logging in to the Campus Campaign online giving site. (Note: Pelotonia gifts are not listed on the web site.) Additional information on personal giving history is available by contacting the Gift Processing office at 614-292-2141.

What do I do if I want to search for funds but am not ready to make a gift?

After logging in to the Campus Campaign online giving site, search funds using the “Search All Funds” feature or click “Add More Funds” to be directed to the Giving Opportunities page. Look through the database of more than 4,000 funds, but do not click “Complete Your Gift” until you are ready to give.

If you do not receive a confirmation E-mail within 24 hrs, your transaction was not completed. Please contact the Campus Campaign office for verification.

How do I log in?

Current faculty and staff can visit the Campus Campaign online giving site and log in using their name.#. If faculty or staff forget their password or otherwise need assistance, they can contact the OIT support center at 614-688-HELP (4357) or

OSUP employees, emeritus faculty, and retirees don’t need to log in; they can give directly online.

Why aren’t funds from my area available on the Campus Campaign online giving site?

Each year we increase the number of funds listed. If you do not find the fund you are looking for, please contact either the Campus Campaign office or the development office in that area for assistance.

How do I get a gift form?

If you did not receive a gift form in a donor packet, you may download and print a blank form, or see your Campus Campaign volunteer for a form.

How do I submit my gift form?

If you choose not to submit your gift online, please complete the personalized gift form you received in your donor packet or download and print a blank form and mail it (along with a check, if applicable) to the following address, using USPS or campus mail:

Campus Campaign
Attn: Gift & Biographic Records
1480 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221

You may use the return envelope you received in your donor packet to send the gift form through campus mail by crossing out the city, state, and zip and writing ‘Campus Mail’ on the envelope. You may also use a standard campus mail envelope with your sealed return envelope enclosed inside.

Be sure to sign your gift form to confirm your gift intent – new gift/deduction, change in amount or designation, or cancellation.

To ensure your gift is secure and credited properly, please do not send cash through campus mail or the U.S. Postal Service.

If after reviewing your gift form you determine that you are making no changes to your deductions or do not plan to send in a cash, check, or credit card gift at that time, you DO NOT need to submit a gift form. Payroll deductions will automatically rollover to the next fiscal year.

What do I need to know about payroll deduction?

Your gift will be automatically deducted from your pay each pay period beginning July 1, 2014, and continue until further notice. You may change your gift amount or designation at any time by contacting the Campus Campaign office. Deductions are a minimum of $1 per pay period per fund and are collected 12 times per year for those paid on a monthly basis and 26 times per year for those paid on a biweekly basis. One-time payroll deductions cannot be processed.

You are encouraged to visit the Campus Campaign online giving site or review your gift form to verify that the deductions accurately reflect your gift intentions.

  • Online giving – Changes made to payroll deductions between July 1 and February 20 will take effect the next possible pay period. Changes made to payroll deductions between February 21 and June 30 will take effect the first pay period of the fiscal year (July)

How can I designate a gift in honor of or in memory of an individual?

To designate a gift in honor of a living individual or in memory of a deceased individual, faculty and staff should include a note with their completed gift forms that list the following (as applicable):

1) The name of the individual being honored and his or her mailing address. A card will be sent to let the individual know a gift was made in his or her honor.
2) The name of the individual being memorialized, and the name and mailing address of the family member who should be notified of the gift. Please also note the relationship of the family member to the deceased.

Will my gift through Campus Campaign qualify me for the President’s Club?

The President’s Club is The Ohio State University’s largest and most prestigious leadership giving recognition program. Established in 1963, the President’s Club currently recognizes more than 8,000 legacy and annual leadership level donors.

Annual recognition is extended to donors who make gifts to academics, health sciences, and the arts which total a minimum of $3,000 or more during the calendar year. Gifts may be made by payroll deduction, cash, or securities. For gifts of payroll deduction, a monthly contribution of $250 for 12 months (January-December or July-June) will qualify a donor for recognition. A combination of payroll gifts and cash may also be contributed. (Please note that donor recognition levels for the President’s Club, as well as courtesies and benefits, may change at any time.)

Alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students are all eligible for recognition by the President’s Club. The Ohio State University Foundation is the official gift-receiving agency of the university. Any designated or undesignated gift to the university given through The Ohio State University Foundation qualifies as a charitable gift as determined within the limits of the law.

For more information about the President’s Club, including specific courtesies and benefits, visit or contact President’s Club Services at (614) 292-9550 or

How do I learn more about including Ohio State in my retirement or estate plans?

You have the power to make a lasting impact on The Ohio State University through a planned gift. These types of charitable arrangements let you support our students and programs far into the future while also providing tax and other benefits to you. 

Ohio State faculty, staff, and retirees have an exclusive opportunity to fund a charitable gift annuity with a special minimum of $5,000. This is a 50 percent reduction from the standard minimum funding amount. If you’d like to take advantage of this special offer, or if you’d like to learn more about planned giving opportunities, please call (614) 292-2183, e-mail, or visit

What is the Corporate Matching Gift Program?

Employees whose spouses work for companies that offer a matching gift program have an opportunity to double or even triple their gifts. The Corporate Matching Gift Program is a service provided by nearly 1,000 companies that will match contributions from their employees to institutions of higher education. A list of participating companies is available through the Campus Campaign office or through The Ohio State University Foundation’s online database.

The online database contains forms for some of the participating companies. In some circumstances, the donor’s spouse will need to contact the human resources department of his or her employer to obtain the appropriate matching gift form. The matching gift form should then be completed and sent to:

The Ohio State University Foundation
1480 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221


The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

*Gifts through August 31, 2014


—Suyash Khanuilkar, Class of 2013