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"O-H-I-O in Thailand"

by Lauren Caldwell - I am a senior at OSU and this picture was taken on my study abroad trip to Thailand

This picture was taken outside of a temple in Thailand. The dragon statues make the O's.

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O Stonehenge"

by Lauryn

Students studying abroad in England keep up the traditional O-H-I-O picture.

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"Bangkok, Thailand"

by Cody Derby - Thailand Study Abroad

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O from Ireland"

by Breanna

Discovering Medieval Ireland study abroad 2013

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"Xcaret Dolphin Swimming"

by Mackenzie Mellott - TESOL, 2015

Studying Abroad in Mexico, three students got the opportunity to swim with dolphins at Xcaret, an ecopark in the Yucatán Peninsula!

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad

"Buckeye Pride in Maya Country"

by Kirsten - Political Science and Spanish- class of 2015!!

Showing pride of our university in southern Mexico in front of one of the pyramids of the ancient Mayan city, Uxmal.

Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad

"Buckeye Pride in Maya Country"

by Kirsten - Political Science and Spanish-Class of 2015!!

Showing our school pride while away for study abroad in Mexico in the ancient Mayan city of Kabah!

Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O in Valparaíso, Chile"

by Geoff Carabin - Geography and Spanish major, class of 2014

O-H-I-O with locals next to the pacific ocean whiles studying abroad in Chile

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad

"Community Garden in South Africa"

by Samantha - Food Science & Technolohu

Volunteering at a community garden in Khayelitsha in South Africa as a part of the FABE Capstone experience Study Abroad.

Africa, Current students, Study abroad

"Berlin, Germany Study Abroad"

by Steven Foley - English, Senior

Steven Foley, Amanda Kinney, Jessie Alibrando, & Caleb Morgan in Berlin, Germany July 2012 Berlin, Germany Study Abroad OSU-NEWARK

Europe, Study abroad

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