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"Greece O-H-I-O"

by Chatas kids

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"Ohioan gets Brits to help with O-H-I-O at 2012 Olympics"

by Steve Cotter - Administrative Mgr, Division of Cardiac Surgery

My friends and I had tickets to the Men's diving finals at the 2012 London Olympics. As we are about to leave the Aquatic Center, my three UK friends join with me for O-H-I-O! O-Stephen Mattinson, H-James Mattinson, I-Stephen Brown and O-Steven Cotter

Europe, Faculty/Staff

"Pisa, Italy"

by Mike Kuldell - 2013

Mike (2013) and his family in Pisa

Current students, Europe, Families

""Mother Motherland" loves Ohio State (Kiev, Ukraine)"

by Jacob Vanags - OSU fan for life

Kiev, Ukraine - "Mother Motherland" instills undying OSU pride in our hearts. We will fight until our final breath. (Left to Right: Jacob Vanags, Mother Motherland, Logan Akamatsu, Simon Messerly / Photo: Ryan McKeon)


"London Baby!"

by Millie Sudhakar - Psychology Pre-Med, 2013

Buckeyes Meryl Sudhakar, Isaac Santel, and Millie Sudhakar at the 2012 Olympic games

Current students, Europe

"O-H-I-O in Badia Pozzeveri, Italy"

by Veronica Brienzi - Anthropology major, Senior

Students Adam Kachur, Veronica Brienzi, Heather Birkhahn, and Dave Hubin. The students managed to find time in their busy schedules during the Field School Pozzeveri in Italy to attend a wine tasting, and just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show their Buckeye Pride!

Current students, Europe

"Architecture Students In Iceland"

by Michael Zumpano - Junior, Architecture

Sophomore students from the Knowlton School of Architecture, Michael Zumpano, Luke Dougal, Greg Toupalik, and Nick Castillo, take advantage of a quick layover in Iceland to explore the city of Keflavik. The students were on their way to a 5 week study abroad program that traveled to 8 countries.

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"Legend has it, Narcissus was a Buckeye"

by Nikki Roholt - Art Education Major

While on our tour of Europe, we found the perfect O to complete our OHIO in Paris at the Louvre!

Current students, Europe

"OSU pride after Spain wins the Euro cup 2012"

by Angie Onorato - Molecular Genetics Major - Class of 2014

This is a picture of four Ohio State students in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca Spain. The picture was taken on July 1, when Spain defeated Italy to win the 2012 Soccer Euro cup. For this special occasion, the Plaza was lit up to match the colors of Spain's flag.

Current students, Europe

"Colosseum in Rome"

by Erin Dougherty - BS in Nursing 81, Hayley Business Scholar 2015

Touring the Colosseum in Rome June 2012

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