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"O-H-I-O at the Acropolis, Greece."

by Anne Vrotsos - 1989 College of Social Work

Athens, Greece - The Parthenon at the Acropolis. 1989 Ohio State Alumni Anne Lytton Vrotsos with children Audra, Eliza, & JT Vrotsos. June 2013.

Alumni, Europe

"O-H-I-O Olympia, Greece."

by Anne Vrotsos - 1989 College of Social Work

Track & Field site of the first ancient Olympic games. JT, Audra, & Eliza Vrotsos, with mom Anne Lytton Vrotsos, 1989 Ohio State Alumni. June 2013.

Alumni, Europe

"O-H-I-O Pompeii, Italy & Mt. Vesuvius"

by Anne Vrotsos - 1989 College of Social Work

1989 Ohio State Alumni Anne Lytton Vrotsos, and children, Audra, Eliza, & JT. June 2013.

Alumni, Europe

"OSU Alumni Johnson Family 2013"

by Barbara Rich Johnson - MPA '80

Hampstead-Heath Park overlooking London was the site of this OSU celebration by: Bob and Barb Johnson (both MPA), son David Johnson (MArch '13) and Daughter-in-law Alison Johnson (DDS '13.)

Alumni, Europe, Families

"BUCKEYES Roamin'"

by Katherine - fan!

4 Buckeye college girls studying abroad in Rome, Italy- February 2013


"Greece: Temple of Zeus"

by Dee McCarthy - MSW summer 2013

Dee McCarthy celebrated OSU graduation and 20 year wedding anniversary by going to Europe with Kevin McCarthy. Incorporated 3 others from tour of Greece and OH-IO!

Alumni, Europe

"Study Abroad O-H-I-O"

by Kristy McCray - 2nd Year PhD student, Sport Management

Visiting the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland during an OSU study abroad trip to the UK in May 2013. O-H-I-O is never more difficult than in 60mph winds!

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"This was taken at my 50th surprise birthday party in Sardinia Italy."

by David Sommers - Born in Ashland Ohio in 1963. I grew up as an Ohio State fan, although I attended U of A in Arizona, My heart is and always will be a Buckeye.

These are 3 Italian friends(Davide, Davide and Stefano), who knew I loved the Buckeyes. They have seen photos that I've posted, so during my surprise birthday party they came over and made this photo with me. This photo was quite a surprise too.


"You know what they say? When in Rome... O-H-I-O!!!!"

by Sherri - BA - Journalism '92

My kids (both 8) and a couple of cooperative but confused Romans near the Pantheon. (August 26, 2013)

Alumni, Europe


by Randy Wachtel - 1999 mba

Swilcan Bridge Buckeyes (The Old Course at St Andrews) Five OSU degrees on that bridge

Alumni, Europe

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