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"Future Buckeyes of Kithoka Club!"

by Tiffany M Favers - Alumn '07, '09

This picture was taken while on a mission trip to visit the Kithoka Area Community Home in Meru, Kenya. We took new clothes to the kids but I didn't know about all the Ohio State stuff that had been purchased. When I saw the kids repping OSU I had to get an O-H-I-O picture. Here Derek, Boniface, Patrick and Nettie loved participating so we started a club for these future buckeyes!

Africa, Alumni

"Ghana children show their pride!"

by Stacey Frye - Junior studying Computers and Information Science

I went on a mission trip to Ghana, West Africa during Winter Break 2012 and taught the children the O-H-I-O cheer! Go Bucks!!!

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"OHIO in front of the Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan"

by Steve Walker - OSU '67

Bol Aweng (OSU '08) and Jok Dau (OSU 08) fled as six-year-olds and were a part of a group of 35,000 refugees children who became known as the Lost Boys of Sudan. They have raised over $190,000 and built a maternal and child health clinic in their village of Piol.

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"Namaacha, Mozambique (Africa)"

by Brandon Weiss - OSU Alumnus - 2009

This is a photo of my sister-in-law, Anna Brandt, sharing her Buckeye Pride in Africa. She graduated this year (2012) and is now serving with the Peace Corps in the African country of Mozambique. Right now she is staying with a host family in a village called Namaacha.

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"Atop Mount Kilimanjaro"

by Tim Humphrey - BS, Civil Engineer '85 (currently practicing law in San Francisco)

On July 5, 2012, I summited Mount Kilimanjaro with the help of some inspirational guides. Once on top of Africa, these great men agreed to join Buckeye Nation and celebrate the moment with me.

Africa, Alumni


by Steve Nester - 1978 Pharmacy

Teaching the 2 locals about the O-H-I-O tradition while on mission trip this past July in Uganda.

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"Mt Kilimanjaro Summit, 19,341 feet, Moshi, Tanzania, Africa"

by Larry Muse - 2002 Grad. BA Psych & Poil Sci, Currently attaining MD @ Medical University Lodz in Lodz, Poland

2002 OSU grad Larry Muse (2nd from left). Jeff Greenwood(4th), 2003 Wright State grad(MD). 4th most prominent peak on Earth, highest peak in Africa, closest point on Earth to the Sun. 5895 MASL. Temperature was -35 degrees F w/ wind chill. Taken at Sunrise 8-18-2012. Summit attained in 66 hours.

Africa, Alumni


by Greg Hellwarth - BS Nutrition 1984, M.D. 1988

Alumnus Greg Hellwarth with son, Bart and daughter Elle and their guide, Monday, on top of Kilimanjaro on Sunday August 5, 2012

Africa, Alumni

"OSU 1968 grad and worker in Tanzanian gift shop"

by Mary (Connie) Carter Pond - Home and Family Life ed. grad 1968

Had to laugh when I saw this man with the OSU jacket in the hinterlands of Tanzania. I took off my shoe to show my OSU socks and he decided we were kin. There are 15 OSU degrees in three generations plus in-laws. Proud of my OSU heritage!

Africa, Alumni

"O-H-I-O in Ghana!"

by Steph S. - 3rd Year Public Affairs Major

The Buckeye pride spread to Africa this summer on our 4-week volunteer trip to Ghana through International Volunteer Headquarters. The kids loved taking O-H-I-O pictures!

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