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"Latin America/Caribbean" Images (10)

"Lake Titicaca"

by Josh Mazanetz - Alumni

The reed islands in Lake Titicaca are now Buckeye territory

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Buckeye Wedding in Mexico!!!"

by Holly Smith - Fisher College of Business, 2002

A beach wedding is a good excuse to bust out the O-H-I-O!

Alumni, Beach, Latin America/Caribbean, Weddings

"Bahamas "

by Cassandra Foulk - Biology 15

Latin America/Caribbean

"Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina"

by Emmi Banner - Burnishing senior studying marketing

Buckeye pride in Argentina ice trekking the Perito Moreno Glacier

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O at Mi Refugio in Guatemala! "

by Ken Sigler

An early morning school day at Mi Refugio outside Guatemala City

Latin America/Caribbean

"Buckeyes do Bahamas!"

by Kathryn - Loyal Fan for Life! (Boyfriend c/o 2012 & Ohio State Calling)

While my Ohio State Alumni boyfriend and I were vacationing in the Bahamas, I felt it necessary to do my very own O-H-I-O on the beach. (And wouldn't you know it got me a free drink from a fellow Buckeye who was vacationing as well.) #BuckeyeNationGoesBahamas

Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O in St Barths!"

by Harris Levinson - OSU 1995

(from left to right) Ryan Hahn, OSU alumni Harris Levinson and Jeff Waltman with Michelle Waltman celebrating the marriage of Ryan Hahn and Harris Levinson in April in St. Barths.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Machu Picchu 4/4/2015"

by Dr. Rod M. Rogge - BA 1975, DDS 1978

After backpacking on the Inka Trail, Buckeye fans celebrated our National Champions in Wrestling and Football !

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"In Teotepeque, El Salvador"

by Mary Ann Vaughan Tinus - Educ. '70, retired Spanish teacher, teaching English in Teotepeque, El Salvador

Students of the Catholic Academy in Teotepeque learn the O-H-I-O tradition and choose the church steeple to be their "I". With Mary Ann Vaughan Tinus ('70) in January, 2015.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Buckeyes gone global"

by Gretchen Albrecht - Class of 2019

Future and former Buckeyes at the Botos Lagoon in Costa Rica!!

Future students, Latin America/Caribbean

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