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Megan Allen, Chelsea Allen, Nick Austin ('98 Law), and Jeff Austin keep their Buckeye Pride alive at Nick and Chelsea's wedding on January 28, 2012, in Cleveland, Ohio. Go Bucks!


"The Largest OHIO"

by Amy Esposito - Wedding day

Got to love the Buckeye on your Wedding Day.

On campus, Weddings

"Moody Wedding"

by Mallory Moody - Psych Major at OSU Newark

Our Wedding in Virginia Beach

Beach, Current students, Weddings

"Lisa Schmidt and Alex Merkert's wedding"

by Carol Schmidt

September 17, 2011 at Alms Park, Cincinnati OH Lisa Schmidt graduated June 2010 (interior design) and Alex Merkert graduated June 2008 (computer engineering)


"Buckeye Wedding"

by Sanjay - BS, Class of 2003

Siti (Class of 2007) weds Rocky (University of Texas). That's me and my wife, Priya (Class of 2001, Masters 2002). GO BUCKS!

Alumni, Weddings

"My June 2011 Scarlet Wedding"

by Natasha Worotko

My brother, sisters & I doing our O-H-I-O at the reception of my wedding. This picture is included in the official photography book of the wedding :)


"Buckeyes married"

by Jessica - College of Pharmacy Class of 2012

Go bucks!


"Buckeye wedding"

by Jeff Madewell - Fan

Showing my love for the BEST University in the WORLD!


"Dale Hollow Lake Wedding"

by Mike Marinich - four lifelong fans!!!

Go Bucks! shortly after our Tennessee small town wedding


"Married in Chicago"

by Paul Sharp - Employee at Stores on Kenny Rd. Also a part-time student.

This was taken on the day I was married 11-11-11 in Chicago. My wife, who is from Chicago, is now a die-hard Buckeye. My groomsmen, wife, and I wanted to show our Buckeye spirit in Illinois.

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