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"Mirror Lake O-H-I-O"

by Duane Hamann - BS in 1982

Buckeye alums enjoying Mirror Lake

Alumni, On campus

"Touring OSU"

by Duane Hamann - BS in 1983

OSU alums showing a potential student the ropes at OSU

Alumni, On campus

"O-H-I-O at the Epicenter"

by Michael - Biology, Dentistry 1996

Our family getting a tremendous opportunity to tour Ohio Stadium and the Woody Hayes Center

Alumni, On campus

"O-H-I-O in Handstands"

by Jamal Niles - Human Nutrition, 2012

Cheerleaders warming up for the football game with a little fun

Alumni, On campus

"Doing the O-H-I-O with my teamates!!!!!"

by Ohio State

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

On campus

"Canton South 6th grade trip"

by Dave Andrews

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

On campus

"OHIO Corpse Flower"

by Dan Roll - IT Staff - College of Optometry

Three members of the College of Optometry staff visited the Amorphophallus titanum, or titan arum flower, Woody on 5/15/2013.

Faculty/Staff, On campus

"Woody, one of the OSU BioSci titan arums bloomed May 14, 2013."

by Andi Wolfe - Dept. of EEOB

Fans of Woody incorporate him into an O-H-I-O!

On campus

"Jesse Owens Bottle Buddy"

by streese - friend of OSU

Here's JoJo with Jesse Owen's Bottle Buddy visiting OSU for her project for Mr. Paul Tanaka's 4th Grade class from Loveland, Ohio!

On campus

"With umbrella, why not?"

by theresia anggraini - We are all grad students from College of Education and Human Ecology

Taken after Grad Spring Picnic at the Faculty Club. New umbrellas from CGS.

Current students, On campus

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