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"OH-IO Greetings from the Finger Lakes"

by Joe Barylak - I have an OSU Allied Med Bachelors Degree (74) and Hospital & Health Services Management Masters Degree (81).

Joe, Carson & Peggy Barylak, all OSU Alums, at one of many winery stops on Keuka & Seneca Lakes in New York Finger Lakes wine country. Joe & Peggy reside in Columbus OH, and Carson resides in Washington DC.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Old Faithful Buckeyes"

by Pat Geyer - B.A. Journalism - 1990

The Old Faithful Geyser supplies the I for a Buckeye family vacationing in Yellowstone National Park.

Alumni, Families, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O Maui, Hawaii"

by Damon Sharp - Chemistry - 1998

Took out two boys along with family friends to Hawaii. We only had 3 kids, so we decided to fill in the "I" with a palm tree.

Alumni, Silhouettes, Travel/Vacation, US

"Mt. Sherman near Fairplay, Colorado"

by Jim Clark - OSU alumni in another galaxy a long time ago.

Summit of Mt. Sherman in July 2013. Mt. Sherman is in the Tenmile-Mosquito mountain range and is one of Colorado's many 14ers.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Buckeyes visit The Bean!"

by Judy - HR Major, 2015, We

Spontaneous trip to Chicago! O (Anna) H (Judy) I (Tina) O (Constance) ! (Joseph)

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"From Tasting OSU to Tasting Chicago!"

by Judy - HR Major, 2015, We

OH-IO after a full day of tasting Chicago's cuisines!

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"Atop Half Dome - Go Buckeyes!"

by Derek DeBrosse - Poli Sci 2005

Atop Half Dome @ Yosemite National Park approximately 8,500 feet above sea level.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Splash Mountain Disneyland"

by John Carmigiano Sr - Fan

John Jr., Michael, Isabella (hidden), John Sr.

Travel/Vacation, US

"L. A traveling Buckeyes"

by Buckeyeman

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O from Hilton Head Island!"

by Alex - Current student

My roommate and I love to show our OSU pride... Even while parasailing at the beach!

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

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