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"At 12,000 ft Mccullough Gulch: Breck, CO"

by Ashley - OSU Fan from Dublin, OH

O-H-I-O even at 12,000 feet. Breckenridge, CO. July 2013.

Travel/Vacation, US

"Petersen Family in Maui HI, hang loose!"

by Anne Petersen - college of education class of 1992

We took our dream vacation last month to Hawaii. While riding around The Mendes Ranch in Maui we stopped to pay a little respect to our alma mater. My oldest is giving the Hawaiian Hang Loose sign--meaning "its all good".

Alumni, Families, Travel/Vacation, US

"O*H*I*O at Mount Rushmore"

by Mark Becker - College of Dentistry 1996

We had this picture taken at Mount Rushmore of my son Sam my wife Jennifer(Becker/Riggs Dentistry '96) myself Mark(Becker Dentistry '96) and my other son Nick.

Alumni, Families, Travel/Vacation, US

"Kings of the mountain!"

by Jim Mild - Buckeye for 43 yrs!

On top of Mt. Whitney. Elevation 14,500 ft. Jim Mild, Todd Wickerham, Andrew Durbin, and Michael Durbin. All life long Buckeyes!

Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O in IR"

by Ray Duval - SENR grad 2013

My children and their cousins at the Los Angeles Science Center in front of the infrared imager.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Future Buckeyes on Vacation"

by Jacob Grabinski - Graduate of Spring 2013

Teaching some of the younger siblings that wherever you are, O-H-I-O. LETS GO BUCKS.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O in our Nation's Capital"

by Jackson Corbisello - Future Buckeye

Using the Washington Monument for the "I"

Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O at Findley Lake, New York"

by Donna Green - Speech & Hearing Science, French

5 rising sophomores enjoy the weekend on the water at Findley Lake, New York.

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"Standing tall on Capitol Hill"

by Gilianne Narcisse - PharmD class of 2013

Alumni reuniting in the Nation's capital

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"OSU Alum on top of Mission Peak, California"

by Sai Arora - BS Economics 2013, Wolstein Entrepreneur Scholar

4 Buckeyes on the top of Mission Peak doing what we do best

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

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