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by Guy

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"Shadow O-H-I-O in AZ"

by Lauren - Alumni, fan, and about to be a current student again!

A shadow on a part of Wupatki Pueblo National Monument in Arizona. Two of us are alumnis, one is a fan, and I am about to be a student once again!!! It was my brother's idea and I took this picture with my camera. I am the 2nd "O". :)

Alumni, Shadows


by Beverly Queen - Buckeye fan

A buckeye family vacation on Oak Island, June 14, 2012.


"OHIO Shadow"

by Ethan White - New Media and Communication Technology - class of '12

Photo includes Ethan White, Mary Eller, and Jenny Eller. We are all soon to be graduates from The Ohio State University.


"Tybee Island Sister Trip"

by Debra Valentine Miculka - Fan

Our shadows looked slimmer than we did!

Beach, Shadows

"West Palm Beach"

by Corey - Microbiology 2007

About to take a cruise to the Bahamas...O-H-I-O!

Alumni, Beach, Shadows

"Shadow O-H-I-O!!"

by Mikaela Cok - I'm a very very big fan of Ohio, Go Bucks!!!!


"Buckeyes in San Diego, CA!"

by Meredith Schwarzkopf


"O-H-I-O Beach Shadow"

by Ryan Comer - Ohio State Alum, 2008

Muir Beach, CA Let's GO BUCKS!!!

Alumni, Shadows


by Mindy Kemper - I'm from Lima, Ohio and a huge Buckeye fran! I live in New Jersey now.

This is my kids and their friends at our neighbor's outdoor movie theatre!


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