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by Erin

Two Ohio State alumni, two currently attending and one future Buckeye this fall...all brought together through Irish dance!

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"Mt. Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii"

by Tim Cassidy - Me-1990 BSBA, MIS. Wife 1990 BS Respiratory Therapy

My wife and I met at Ohio State and were in Hawaii celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with our two daughters who are both currently enrolled at Ohio State. Couldn't resist taking this photo 10,000 ft. above the clouds.

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by Katie Kron - Fourth year Speech and Hearing major

Hoosier Pass, Colorado

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"Top of Half Dome at Yosemite"

by Glen Steinke - Engineering, 1992

Nothing quite like the summit of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. Pictured left to right is current OSU Sophomore Jocie Steinke and her sisters Kayla and Maria followed by their slightly nervous father Glen Steinke, Class of 1992. Go Bucks.

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"Taipei 101"

by Man Lai Leung - MPH graduate student

Buckeye pride extends to Taiwan!

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by Jake Radeff - Class of 2017

On a GIVE trip to Thailand May 2015

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"O H I O with the Freedom Tower in NYC"

by Patricia Byron - Parent of a Sophomore!

This picture was taken on Governor's Island in NY Harbor overlooking the Manhattan skyline on Friday, July 2, 2015.

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"Optometry students tackle Mt. Rainier"

by Kevin Rodda - 2nd year Optometry student

As part of Optometry's meeting recently held in Seattle, Washington, me and my fellow Class of 2018 optometry students (L-R) Amber, Paula, and Dee, stopped to pose during our hike around Mount Rainier.

Current students, US

"Buckeyes in Mexico"

by Brooke McNulty - Sophomore, Special Education Major

O-H-I-O in Cozumel, Mexico

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"Past and Future Alumni"

by Kim Swisher - BS in Education 1994

Vacation at Nags Head, NC Kim & Kyle have graduated. Matt will graduate in 2016. Mitch is an incoming freshman. Go Bucks!

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