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"OSU vs Michigan 2012"

by Chelsea Torres - Biomedical Science, Third Year

Getting ready to watch the Buckeyes beat Michigan at Ohio Stadium. (OSU Students: Michael Lause, Mark Rudolph, Chris Reyes, Chelsea Torres and Jimmy Zimmerman)

Current students, Game day

"The Carmen Crew"

by Liane Davila - Pre-Vet Student (Biology Major & Spanish Minor) Sophomore

Some of "The Carmen Crew" tour guides during Buckeye Visit Day at the Newark Campus (OSU Students: Liane Davila, Heidi Smith, Shannon Wolverton, and Jessica Dillow).

Current students

"O-H-I-O at the 2012 Indy 500"

by Isabelle B. - freshman psych major

IndyCar driver Graham Rahal and I doing an O-H-I-O picture with his car

Current students

"Stocking Island, Great Exuma Bahamas "

by Jacob Koopman - Microbiology Major, Class of 2013

My dad and his buddies doing the O-H-I-O for me on vacation this past weekend

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"NROTC Nurse Corps Symposium at Marquette University "

by Chelsea

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Current students

"OSU vs U of M NROTC flag football game, Final 21-20"

by Chelsea

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Current students

"Buzz is a Buckeye!"

by Chris Furbee - RN @ Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital and MS nursing student in Adult Health

The Furbee kids of Grandview Heights, OH prove once and for all that Buzz is a Buckeye during a recent visit to Walt Disney World!

Current students, Faculty/Staff, Families, Travel/Vacation, US

"Patrick and Stephanie Peprah Wedding"

by Ibrahim Salifu - Const. Sys., Senior, goBUCKS

Patrick and Steph wedding in Danvile, VA

Current students, Weddings

"O-H-I-O From The Farm!"

by Luke Citro - Biophysics Graduate Student (2013, hopefully, haha)

My nephew Duval, brother Jake, and nieces Aubrey and Coral (left to right) giving us a big O-H-I-O from atop a lumber pile on my parents' farm in Scio, Ohio.

Current students, Families

"Team OhioMOD at Biomod 2012"

by Mike Hudoba - Mech Eng. PhD

Team OhioMOD participated at the 2012 international Biomod competition at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University

Current students

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