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"Twins at the Getty Museum"

by Carla Corroto - BS Architecture 82; PhD 96

Kim Davies (PhD 96) and Carla Corroto (phD 96) in artist's depiction

Alumni, Bowl Game, Game day, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O at the Rose Bowl 2010!"

by Sameek Roychowdhury - 98', 04', 06'

O-H-I-O at the Rose Bowl 2010! From left to right, Jennifer Bush, Sameek Roychowdhury, Brad Blaser, and Anne Will. Go Buckeyes!

Alumni, Bowl Game, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, Travel/Vacation, US

"West Coast Bucks"

by Benjamin Helle

Fun on the beach in Washington State.

Bowl Game, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O on Bourbon Street"

by Beth Galvin Lastrina

At the National Championship game in New Orleans

2008 BCS National Championship, Bowl Game, Game day

""At the game with LSU fans.""

by Christina Fisher

It took some convincing but we finally found some LSU fans willing to pose with us. Don't quite understand why "I" was wearing a banana suit!

2008 BCS National Championship, Bowl Game

"In front of the Student Line"

by TM Lucas

Yep, we did it in front of the LSU student line during the National Championship Game.

2008 BCS National Championship, Bowl Game

"O-H-I-O in the NO"

by John Gambrel - Poli Sci and Comm. Spr. 2005

This is front of the Superdome in New Orleans while in good spirits before the game. Third Time is a charm...see you in Miami

2008 BCS National Championship, Alumni, Bowl Game


by Cecelia Hall

Buckeyes on the Bayou!

2008 BCS National Championship, Bowl Game

"Buckeyes on Bourbon Street"

by Michael Renn - Accounting, Honors Student, Rank 1

Me, Brian Garman, Brett Winner, and Brian Meyer all headed down to New Orleans to enjoy the culture of the area. Had a great time and loved the first five minutes while we were at the game. The rest does not need to be said, but GO BUCKS!

2008 BCS National Championship, Bowl Game

"To O-H-I-O from New Orleans"

by Joshua Parker - Alumni

A few OSU fans from the heart of French Quarter, we may have lost the game but we still have Buckeye Pride! GO BUCKS

2008 BCS National Championship, Bowl Game

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