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"Graduation Day"

by Tyler Howard

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Graduation day

"My grad day"

by Jonathan Meyer - Biology 2009

My grad day 6/11 with my family including my bro and 2009 alum, Christopher.

Alumni, Families, Graduation day

"Uncle, Mother & Cousin With Heath"

by Richard Buchanon - the Graduates Uncle

Taken after Commencement 12-16-2012..... We are so proud of you Heath P. Buchanon !

Families, Graduation day

"Graduation Day O-H-I-O!"

by Debra Fitch - Geology 2012; English/Creative Writing 2014

After 33 years, I finished my first degree at OSU and graduated beside 10k+ of my fellow graduates on June 10, 2012. This photo was taken at my parents' house later that day. From left to right: My Dad (O), me - with my diploma (H), my Mom (I), and my sister Brenda (O). How firm thy friendship OHIO!

Families, Graduation day


by Cynthia Keats - Parent

Some of the 2012 OSU Sigma Alpha Mu grads capturing the spirit.

Graduation day

""Spring Commencement 2012""

by Patti - BSW

O H I uh O- the camera snapped - just half an O up there! College of Social Work!

Graduation day

"From Student to Alumni"

by Laurel Carothers - English Major, Summer 2012

I converted my Alaskan brother and parents to OSU fans over the past three years of attending The Ohio State University!

Graduation day

"Jason's Graduation June 2012"

by Robert Geiger

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Graduation day, On campus


by Mary Anne Sims - MA, Music Education, 2012

My family and I at Spring Graduation 2012.

Graduation day

"Dream Come True!"

by Andrew Griffith - Class of 2010, Political Science, there was only one place for me to get my degree and that was The Ohio State University

OHIO in front of the Shoe

Alumni, Graduation day

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