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The Ohio State University Academic Plan


->2003 Update (new)
October 2003

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First Year Report

Academic Plan
Table of Contents


Executive Summary

The Ohio State University Vision

Setting the Stage: Context and Strategies for the Academic Plan

Strategies and Initiatives:

  • Build a World-Class Faculty
  • Develop Academic Programs that Define Ohio State as the Nation's Leading Public Land-Grant University
  • Improve the Quality of the Teaching and Learning Environment
  • Enhance and Better Serve the Student Body
  • Create a More Diverse University Community
  • Help Build Ohio's Future

Facilitating Actions:

  • Obtain Increased State Support
  • Improve the Organization and Delivery of Instruction
  • Increase Organizational Flexibility
  • Improve the Faculty Work Environment

Continuing Activities


The Academic Scorecard

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Create A Diverse University Community

Academic Plan (Power Point Presentation)


The Ohio State University aspires to become one of the world's great public research and teaching universities. This Academic Plan is the initial roadmap for the journey to academic excellence. With few exceptions, we expect the initiatives identified herein to be realized in the next five years. At the same time, implementation of this plan will be a continuing process, and the pace at which we progress will depend upon a number of circumstances, including the availability of financial resources.

The plan is divided into the following primary sections:

  • Vision. Our vision for the future of The Ohio State University;
  • Setting the Stage. A candid assessment of our current position, strengths, and weaknesses;
  • Strategies and Initiatives. Six core strategies and 14 initiatives to help achieve academic excellence and move us substantially toward our overarching goal;
  • Facilitating Actions. Additional changes that are necessary to release the full creativity of the University and successfully implement the strategies and initiatives;
  • Continuing activities. A brief summary of continuing activities that, while extremely important, are not part of this plan;
  • Resources. A strategy to acquire the resources necessary to support this plan; and
  • Scorecard. Benchmarks we will regularly consult to monitor our progress.