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The Ohio State University Academic Plan


->2003 Update (new)
October 2003

->Past Updates
First Year Report

Academic Plan
Table of Contents


Executive Summary

The Ohio State University Vision

Setting the Stage: Context and Strategies for the Academic Plan

Strategies and Initiatives:

  • Build a World-Class Faculty
  • Develop Academic Programs that Define Ohio State as the Nation's Leading Public Land-Grant University
  • Improve the Quality of the Teaching and Learning Environment
  • Enhance and Better Serve the Student Body
  • Create a More Diverse University Community
  • Help Build Ohio's Future

Facilitating Actions:

  • Obtain Increased State Support
  • Improve the Organization and Delivery of Instruction
  • Increase Organizational Flexibility
  • Improve the Faculty Work Environment

Continuing Activities


The Academic Scorecard

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Create A Diverse University Community

Academic Plan (Power Point Presentation)

Score Card