Access to Education

Holiday Activities

Adrienne D. Dixson, PhD
Assistant Professor
The Ohio State University
School of Teaching and Learning

Winter break provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the different holidays that are celebrated at this time of year. Understanding grows as children make connections between cultural and family traditions, and school learning.

Visit the Library

  • Find books on Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or New Year's Traditions around the world.
  • Search for books that address multiple religious and cultural beliefs

Help children to see that what they are learning in school is directly tied to the world around them.

Family Traditions

  • Talk with your children about your own family traditions.
  • Identify special events that you celebrate.
  • Discuss how grandparents and great-grandparents celebrated when they were children.
  • Ask children to draw a picture of their favorite holiday.
  • Suggest children write a story about their favorite thing to do at home.

Exploring your history and your family traditions is a wonderful way to build skills for school, to connect with your child and to building lasting memories for both of you.

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