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Transitions from Elementary to Middle School

Michael Savage,
Graduating Senior
Eastmoor Academy High School

As with many transitions in school it can lead to feelings of uncertainty and even frustrations. A significant transition that many students will have to make is transitioning from Elementary to Middle school. The summer months are an excellent opportunity to prepare for these transitions academically and socially. Learn how to learn by reading and writing in your spare time during the summer. Focus on reading comprehension and understanding of the subject matter. Improve your writing skills by doing and jotting down notes from the subject you have read about. I know you will be amazed by how much this will improve your reading and writing skills.

You might be wondering how I can prepare socially to transition to middle school. You probably have a few friends that you know who will attend the same school as you in the fall. Get to know them over the summer. Maybe take a field trip with them, camping, or invite them over for a family gathering. Remember it is not the quantity of friends you have but it is the quality of friends you select. Once you make good friends over the summer this will enable you to transition with them next fall to the same middle school.

Another important bit of information is math and technology. Do things to improve over the summer in these areas that are relative to life skills. You may want to ask Mom or Dad if you can assist them in the development of the family budget. Or you may want to ask about the possibility of assisting them with balancing the family checking account. If you plan to find employment this summer discuss with your parents the possibility of opening a savings account. Most banking can now be done online and you have full access 24 hours a day. This will assist you in balancing and managing your own money and savings account online. These are some basic math principles that will allow you to sharpen and increase your skills over the summer. There are also computer based software programs that focuses on a variety of math concepts, particularly in the area of Algebra.

By focusing on these suggestions it will improve your math and technology understanding and skills. The key is to make it relative to the skills you will need to be successful in middle school and life.

Other Transitional Tips

  • Listen, Listen, and Listen to your parents and teachers. They really do know what they are talking about. They have experiences that are beyond our understanding and comprehension
  • Do your homework with passionate and thoroughness. Pay attention to the details, such as when your assignments must be completed and turned in to your teacher
  • Remember there is place and time for everything! Use and spend your time this summer wisely. Read books, write, do your math
  • Have some fun too this summer, enjoy your family and friends

Keep this in mind that education goes beyond school subjects and textbooks. It is also the process of becoming the best person you can be.

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