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Transitions from Middle to High School

Bell Hoy, Graduating Senior
Dublin Scioto High School

What are really some of the challenges middle school students are likely to face when transitioning to High School. How can I make it a smooth transition? Not only is this possible it is also can be accomplished with some preparation over the summer months. The summer is an excellent opportunity to prepare academically and socially. Freshman year in high school is complex and challenging. In many ways this is the first year of secondary school where everything counts, including your academic courses to volunteer work.

The summer prior to your freshman year you should focus on goal setting. What is it you hope to accomplish during your freshmen year? Is it a goal to make honor roll or the varsity basketball team freshman year? Maybe you have a goal to do volunteer work during the academic year. Perhaps you are interested in becoming a Dentist and it is a goal to do volunteer work to gain experience in dentistry. Better yet your goals might be to prepare and plan for college. Whatever your goals are you should begin documenting them over the summer prior to your freshman year. By doing so this will give you the added edge of accomplishing your goals and smoother transition to high school.

If at all possible you may want to find employment and earn your own money for books, supplies, and clothing in the summer. It will also be important to learn the importance of saving money as well. Generally in high school there are fees for many school activities, such as field trips, athletic games, and other miscellaneous expenses. So your savings over the summer will hopefully reduce some of the expenses your parents might have to cover.

Here are a few other educational tips you should know while transitioning from middle school to high school.

Other Transitional Tips

  • Listen, Listen, and Listen to your parents and teachers. They really do know what they are talking about. They have experiences that are beyond our understanding and comprehension
  • Remember there is place and time for everything! Use and spend your time this summer wisely. Read books, write, do your math and science
  • Always ask questions of teachers if you are not sure about the subject matter
  • Complete all homework to the best of your ability
  • Seek help from teachers before or after school as often as needed
  • Take classes that are challenging to you
  • Always inform your parents of open houses and parent teacher conferences
  • Involve yourself in at least one extra curricular activity

Enjoy high school and have fun doing so as you transition. Remember your teachers, parents, friends, guidance counselors want to see you succeed.

Finally, make every day and every course count!

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