Access to Education

Availabilty of Colleges

Evelyn Carter,
Recent High School Graduate
Columbus Academy High School

Are you aware there are over 3400 colleges and universities in the United States and over 120 in Ohio alone? The availability of colleges and universities suggest there are many great opportunities to choose from.

There are four-year public and private colleges and universities that are available to students. Many of your larger state supported institutions also have regional campuses available to students who are interested in beginning their academic program in a smaller campus environment. In addition, there are two-year community and technical colleges to consider as well. These are some of the examples of the availabilty of colleges and universities to choose from.

Most four-year colleges and universities will offer a minimum of a Bachelors and Associate Degree to students, but may also offer advanced degrees as well as professional programs like medicine, law and veterinary medicine.. Two-year community colleges tend to offer one year Certificate Programs, such as Fire Science and two-year Associate Degree programs, such as Business Administration.

There is a college or university for everyone. In Ohio alone, most citizens reside within 30 miles of some form of higher education. Depending on your career objective your college choice may largely be contingent upon choosing a school that will enhance your career aspirations.

Remember knowing yourself will ease some of the complexity and anxiety of narrowing your college choices down to a manageable number by the time you are a senior in high school.

Finally, be realistic, set goals, and research your college options.

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