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Making your campus visit work for you

Duwain Pinder
Recent High School Graduate
Reynoldsburg High School

The campus visit may be arguably the single most important factor when choosing a college or university. The campus visit allows students to see first hand the academic facilities, the residence halls, the campus environment, and to interact with currently enrolled students. The purpose and goal of the visit is to gather information about the college or university. It also provides a unique opportunity for you to imagine being a student in that environment.

Here are a few educational tips that high school students may consider when visiting a university or college. Colleges and universities send a lot of pamphlets and brochures to students to market their school, so the visit lets you see the campus beyond the images the college has selected. Be sure to ask your student tour guides plenty of questions about their experiences Do they say the same things as the brochures? Also, make sure you speak with currently enrolled students who are not tour guides during your visit. Stopping at the student union or having lunch in the dining commons is a great way to meet enrolled students. Students generally will be honest about their likes and dislikes regarding the college or university.

Prepare a list of important questions several days prior to your campus visit and be sure to ask these questions while on campus. Preparing for the visit is as equally important as making the campus visit.

Be prepared to visit a campus more than once. You may want to take a general visit and tour and then go back for a departmental visit based on your intended major. You may want to visit in the fall and the spring. If you visit in the summer, when the campus is empty, be sure to go back while classes are in session. And no matter how much fun it may be going to athletic events, don’t consider those to be official visits!

The most important educational tip is during your campus visits ask yourself "can I see myself being successful at this school". If you can answer yes then you might have found the "right fit" for you.

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