Access to Education

Selecting A College

Frewoini Golla
Recent High School Graduate
Walnut Ridge High School

If you have had conversations with friends about applying to different types of colleges and universities or reading about students not being offered admissions to their top college choices this past spring, you may have discovered that selecting the right college is a challenging process.

If you are going through the process of choosing a college or even if you are the first ever in your family expected to attend college, the greatest bit of information to share with you is to consider your academic and career goals.

In many instances students apply to a variety of different types of schools. Some colleges and universities tend to be a more selective to highly selective admissions practices. While it is common among students to apply to a significant number of schools, students should be aware the more selective schools have a limited number of freshmen seats.

Here are some other educational tips that will assist you in selecting the right college or university for you. Manage and organize the process of using the resources available to you to make an informed decision about a college.

Guidance Counselors and teachers are wonderful resources in discussing career objectives and preparing for the right college. Moreover, family members, friends, or mentors who have gone on to college are a wonderful resource as well.

Typically, places like churches and civic organizations may be an excellent resource as well for speaking with professionals who have gone on to college and graduated.

There is a great deal to consider and it can be a fun and complex process of selecting the right college. Factors such as cost, academic majors, the right environment, finanancial aid, are all important elements in selecting the right college.

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