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Holiday Time and Relaxation

Brea Spencer
Graduating Senior
Columbus Alternative High School

The Holiday season is the time of year for reflection and enjoyment of family and friends. However, for many high school seniors, the holidays have become a time of stress and pressure about the college selection process. These pressures range from meeting college application deadlines, securing funding for college, to fear of what their future may hold.

A big concern of many students is finding the “right college.” Once students have completed the application, they face the stress of waiting to hear which schools will offer admissions. The realities and complexities of scholarships, financial aid and concerns of paying for college enter the picture as well. Students are facing fundamental questions such as: Should I live at home and attend college?  How will mom and dad respond to my desire to attend a college away from home? How do I know if I’m making the right choice?

These are very legitimate concerns and discussions that families will need to have at some point during high school and particularly during the senior year. However, parents and students are greatly encouraged to keep the holidays in perspective. While it is appropriate to address these concerns and questions during the holidays, it should not be students and families primary focus.

The holidays represent an opportunity for students and parents to reflect and enjoy the high school years. The many high school activities that you as a family have participated in should be celebrated during this time of year. The outstanding report cards that are reflective of the students’ scholastic and academic achievements should be recognized during this time of year. Above all, it is really an excellent opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the importance of faith, family, love, and togetherness.

This holiday season spend quality time with family and friends. Make a concerted effort not to become overwhelmed during this special time of year.

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