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Holiday Organizational Time & Relaxation

Mikayla Burton
Graduating Senior
Columbus Alternative High School

Now that the holidays are nearing the end of the season, many students and families are preparing to return to their hectic schedules. Hopefully, students made time during the holidays to enjoy family and friends. This time of year is really a wonderful opportunity to relax and take time to recharge the battery.

Throughout your senior year of high school, the stress of activities, time management, and especially the college application process itself may become overwhelming. Keep in mind the holidays can be a time to enjoy life and all of your accomplishments. Use them as a time to reflect on the importance of being a good student and perhaps becoming an even better student.  Use them also as an opportunity to renew family ties and support.

The holidays are rapidly coming to an end. Use the time left before returning to school to organize for the second half of your senior year. Review your schedule and curriculum. Make sure all your assignments and task have been completed. Start the second half of the year with enthusiasm and energy!

Review the admissions application and scholarship deadlines for the colleges or universities you have applied too as well. Create a log of the various colleges and universities deadlines. By doing so, you can better organize and manage the college admissions process. Meet with your high school guidance counselor upon your return to school. Keeping your counselor informed of plans and goals will assist you greatly in making the right choice on the college best for you.

Here are a few other educational tips for this holiday season.

  • It is never too late to establish new goals or enhance the goals you have in place
  • Think positive about the future and your goals for the future
  • Prepare to take care of business and finish strong in the classroom
  • Make plans to visit your top colleges in the upcoming months
  • Communication is important. Maintain open line of communication with individuals who will influence your college choice
  • Enjoy, Enjoy, and Enjoy the holidays

Remember not to forget about the ones we love the most when it matters the most. High school will not last forever, but, luckily, family does. 

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