The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Staff directory

Main Number 614-292-2200 or 800-678-6355
Receptionist Nina Murnane
Interim President/CEO, The Ohio State University Alumni Association Andy Gurd
Executive Assistant
Chief Operating Officer's Office 614-292-8257
Senior Director, Special Projects Kim Gray
Administrative Assistant to COO Cherie Kipp
Assistant Secretary to Board and Council Tricia Bradley
Advancement Infomation Technology at Longaberger Alumni House 614-292-8324
Advocates Program 614-688-4657
Director Sarah Dennis
Program Assistant Keely Black
Alumni Career Management 800-635-8944 or 614-292-3314
Director Marilyn Bury Rice
Career Consultant Jonathan Wray
Alumni House Events 614-292-3067
Director, Events & Facility Operations Jacky Bennett
Event Manager Melinda Alonso
Events Operations Manager Abby Wright
Program Assistant Briton Moore
Annual Giving 614-292-2189
Senior Director Jennifer Keyes
Director Nick Lonardo
Director, Leadership Annual Giving Meghan Russell
Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving Tim King
Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving Courtney Shenk
Associate Director, Special Campaigns Tina Thome
Program Coordinator, Women in Philanthropy Sue Riley
Associate Director, Stewardship Ciana Krymskiy
Data Analyst Kyle Kutchenriter
Digital Fundraising Specialist Megan Murphy
Communications 614-688-4086
Assistant Vice President, Relationship Management Steve Proctor
Finance 614-247-2923
Advancement Finance Director Mark Beebe
Finance Manager Scott Albright
Sr. Accountant Sally Hopper
Fiscal Associate Mariel Robinson
Human Resources 614-688-3808
Director Kym Adkins
Alumni Association Customer Service 614-292-2281 or 800-762-JOIN (5646)
Director Dreama Kay Dickens
Customer Service Representatives Kelly Albanese
Jessica Foltz
Melissa Murdock-Weygandt
Chan White
Outreach and Engagement 614-292-2371 or 800-862-5827
Assistant Vice President, Engagement Strategies Chad Warren
Sr. Director, Alumni and Constituent Engagement Josh Harraman
Director, Alumni Societies Craig Little
Manager, Alumni and Constituent Engagement Sarah Kelly
Manager, Student Engagement Lauren Luffy
Manager, Young Alumni Engagement Nikki Kanakkanatt
Digital Engagement Strategist Michelle Morgan
Regional Engagement Officers Brendan Braaten
Tigi Habtemariam
Garry Jones
Ashley Pryor
Beth Uniacke
Regional Support Specialists Erin Howell
Jennifer Russell
Program Assistant Heidi Glanzman
Program Assistant Leslie Smith
Administrative Assistant Susan Long
Office of Volunteer Relations 614-292-2281 or 800-762-5646
Director Michell Domke
Associate Director Nadine Holmes
Mailing Services 614-292-4140
Alumni Association Support Specialist Richard Sizemore
Tours 614-292-2372 or 800-852-TOUR (8687)
Director Debbie Vargo
Manager, Alumni Tours Services and Operations Addie Natalie
Manager, Alumni Tours Services and Communication Amy Stoneking