The Ohio State University Alumni Association

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A compilation that showcases our diverse, vibrant and growing Buckeye community dedicated to making our world better.

Regardless where life's journey takes you, there'll always be Buckeyes in your corner. Our firm friendship isn't just a line in our alma mater, it's a way of life.

Jim Smith '91, past president and CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association, reminds Buckeyes that Ohio State will always be their home.

Kenneth Hale ’76, ’87, ‘95 is a clinical professor in the College of Pharmacy. He was born at University Hospital and met his wife here as a student. From the university he loves, he has devoted his work to educating students and the public about preventing accidental drug overdoses. The program he developed, Generation Rx, is combatting the opioid epidemic in southeastern Ohio.

Ida Abdalkhani '05, '05, '05 believed in the power of possibility and trusted her instincts. She found inspiration and passion in connecting others through kindness.

Doris Korda's '82 parents were refugees who immigrated to the United States to study at the Ohio State College of Engineering. She grew up surrounded by faculty who not only inspired but encouraged her to pursue a career in the male-dominated field of technology and engineering.

Ohio State is one of the few universities to give personalized diplomas at commencement. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how that feat is accomplished.

Since 1969, alumni tours have brought Buckeyes together to explore the globe with a dash of Scarlet and Gray flair.

More than 260,000 people gave to Ohio State in 2018. It was a banner year for Buckeye generosity. These gifts helped turn ideas into reality so that students could succeed and our communities could thrive.

Barbie Tootle '65, '68, Georgie Shockey '80 and Steve Chappelear '74, '77 reflect on their time at Ohio State and serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Board members share the inspiration behind the mission and vision for The Ohio State University Alumni Association, distinctly crafted for their Buckeye community.