The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Take action

It’s up to us to reach out to our elected officials and encourage them to take the necessary steps toward enacting legislation important to Buckeyes in Ohio and across the country.

As Buckeye Advocates, we strive to stay informed on the issues and are committed to taking action in support of the university when called upon. We shine the spotlight on important public policy issues and focus on Ohio State’s future. Our goal is to share Ohio State’s story with elected officials and remind them that our university is a top-ranked flagship university in the state and nationally. Ohio State educates Ohio’s future leaders, serves as an economic engine for the state, and serves the people of Ohio and the nation in countless ways. In order to be effective, we need you to be part of the storytelling.

Find your legislators and let them know you stand with Ohio State.

What can I do?

Buckeye Advocates can make their voices heard in a number of ways. From making phone calls and sending emails to meeting with your elected officials and participating in our events.