The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Provide a list of alumni upon request

Contact Heidi Glanzman to request your alumni list.

Print and mail services

The Alumni Association offers a variety of design, print and mailing services. Contact Craig Little or Mike Pohle to discuss your project.

Use the Alumni Association logo?

Alumni clubs can take advantage of the university's globally recognized brand system. This system uses the block O and the club or society name and comes with several valuable assets for implementation.

The university logo, Alumni Association logo and athletics logo are legal trademarks of The Ohio State University and not available for alumni group use. However, other university visual assets, such as buckeyes, leaves and Brutus can be requested for use through an application process. For more information on that process contact Kimberly Lowe at

A number of alumni groups are already using the university’s brand system successfully. To join the effort and take full advantage of all resources at your disposal, contact Lowe for more information or to have any pertinent questions addressed. 

Logo usage form

Use of the university brand system (block O) is prohibited on or in connection with the promotion of tobacco products, gaming items, alcoholic beverages, undergarments or personal hygiene products. The university and its office of trademark and licensing reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any proposed use. For more information contact Kimberly.

Please remember that any use of the university, Alumni Association or athletic logo is not permitted.

Create a logo for my club?

Many groups want to alter the university or Alumni Association logo to suit their individual club identities. This is not permitted. The university logo, alumni association logo and athletics logo are legal trademarks of The Ohio State University.

However, if you are interested in updating your logo to become more in line with the university's brand standards, please contact Kimberly for more information.


Group filing
Group filing is an informational filing by a central organization (OSUAA) of affiliated subordinate organizations (clubs/societies/constituent groups) who qualify to be recognized as exempt from income tax (under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code in our case). This filing is to advise the IRS of: a) name and address changes of the contact person for each subordinate organization, b) whether or not the organization is still active, and c) any major changes in their operations. There is a place to indicate whether your group is required to file a 990. The IRS requires this filing annually. It is due 90 days before the end of the central organization’s fiscal year. For us, that means due to the IRS by the end of March.

The date when your group files to qualify as a 501(c)(4) starts a statute of limitations of any future filings (see IRS Publication 557 for definition).  Your group can save at least $500 in separate filing fees by filing as part of the OSUAA group. The Alumni Association pays the fee, making participation free to you. Groups are not charged for the administrative time in filing the annual return.


Free rental space at Longaberger Alumni House
Contact the event department at 614-292-3067. See the full listing of rental policies.


The Nutshell is a monthly e-newsletter designed to provide you with important Association, university and athletics news. Many groups use these headlines to feed their own newsletter, Web site and listserv.

Buckeye Partner provides best practices, useful tips, admissions updates, and other important information for alumni leaders.

The society office will host regularly scheduled meetings for presidents, CARLs and other officers throughout the year.

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