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The Nutshell is the official e-newsletter for Ohio State alumni club and society officers and board members. We encourage you to share the information with your members.

November 2015

Life in Scottsdale, Buckeye style | A more sustainable Ohio State | Program improves teens' well-being | Confessions of the stadium sort

October 2015

Post-symposium webinars scheduled | Ohio State supports cost-saving steps | Making a difference in Malawi | Honor of a lifetime

September 2015

Save the date: Club and society leadership symposium | On the road with President Drake | Remember when? Groundbreaking memory research | Earle’s new fight

August 2015

Save the date: Club and society leadership symposium | 2020 Vision | New design brings world’s first solar battery to milestone | Aiming for a street luge record

July 2015

Ohio State community says #thanksArchie | Becoming a Buckeye | Studying life in America | Meet Ohio State’s top student-athletes

June 2015

Best practices | Ohio State board approves affordability grants | June wellness tip | Second wind

May 2015

Griffin announces change in role at Ohio State | Like father, like son | New mesh could aid in oil-spill clean-up | Champion Buckeyes visit the White House

April 2015

Summer send-off deadline | 2020 Vision | Landmark study shows magnets can control heat and sound | Buckeyes win first-ever wrestling title

March 2015

Club fair sparks interest in Ohio State | Presidential welcomes | Look, something shiny! | Upp and coming

February 2015

Club grows strong scholarship program | Together, we can | Both liberals, conservatives have science bias | For each other

January 2015

National Champions! | Winter wondercampus | The truth behind men and selfies | Student-athlete spotlight: Julia McKinnon

December 2014

Join us in New Orleans to cheer on the Buckeyes | Retchin tabbed to lead med center | Six named to class of AAAS fellows | Take a look back at a championship season

November 2014

The Buckeye Room | Drake address to University Senate | Coyotes migrate to metro areas | Bosa a semifinalist for the Lombardi Award

October 2014

Welcoming Michelle Morgan | Pelotonia gets new leader | A solar cell that stores its own power | TBDBITL 'Wizard of Oz' show passes one million views

September 2014

Alumni Association website gets an upgrade | Operation Safeguard is underway | ‘Buckeye Bullet’ sets another world record | TBDBITL with a take on TV Land

August 2014

Welcome Chad Warren | University welcomes nearly 2,000 new alumni | One simple question can identify narcissists | Join us for Football Fridays