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Words from the wise

Alumni offer "what I wished I'd known then" advice for the Class of 2020.

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"Don't be afraid to follow and pursue your dreams! Continue to chase your passions, create and seek out opportunities that will shape your future." Scott '12
The Ohio State University sticker on a laptop
"Learning, personal growth, and self-reflection do not stop here! Remain curious about yourself and the world around you, and take the time to support others who are doing the same!" Laura '10
photo of class session at Ohio State
"Graduation is always a time of tremendous change and uncertainty. Now more so than ever. With that change and uncertainty comes tremendous opportunity and growth. Now more so than ever." Dennis '97
photo of bronze Brutus statue in the Ohio Union
"Make sure you make time to enjoy life. Make intentional small habits. You’ll be surprised how much simple things like showing up on time and being prepared will differentiate you in your career. We are what we repeatedly do." Nina '05
The Ohio State University seal on The Oval
"Be proud of your Buckeye roots and share your pride wherever you go in this world." Steve '70
photo on campus at Ohio State
"It's not the act of walking across a graduation stage that makes you a Buckeye; it's the invaluable knowledge you have gained; it's the unforgettable experiences and the lasting memories that follow; it's the treasured life-long friendships you developed; it's the pride you feel every time someone says 'I-O' to your 'O-H'; it's the inner strength you found that just a few short years ago you didn't even know you had. Congratulations Class of 2020! You are Buckeyes!" Anonymous '87, '89
photo of flower buds on campus
"Rejection opens the door to redirection. Use as much of your skill set as you can. You are more than your major. Be fearless and don't be afraid to jump at new opportunities. Whatever it is that you dream, don't give that up." Stu '77
photo of graduation cap with how firm thy friendship writtern on top
"Do your best and learn from each job that you have. As you navigate thru your career, make sure to be positive and creative in your role. Build and mentor relationships because those individuals will be there for you when you may need help in the future." Chris '88
photo of Woody Hayes statue
"Your education, relationships and memories from your time at OSU will be a part of you forever! And remember even though your last semester at OSU will be anything but traditional, our Ohio State, our alma mater, has endured many things since 1870. We'll just be adding a pandemic to the roster now! Good luck and Go Bucks!" Diane '80
photo of Oxley statue at sunset
"There's no doubt that this is a difficult time to graduate, but I want you to know that success isn't a straight line. We all have peaks and valleys in our lives and careers. Stay strong, be creative, and look for opportunity to strive in everything that you do. Congratulations on your graduation and I wish you the best in your navigation of life. I'm confident you'll be great." Erik '16
Photo of Lane Avenue bridge
"Always remember where you came from and who helped you get where you are today." Julie '81
photo of sunset on the oval
"Congratulations Class of 2020. Seek out opportunities that excite and challenge you. Do not be afraid to fail. Finding organizations and teams which cultivate a growth mindset will help you continue to develop both personally and professionally." Nicole '07, '11
photo of the rotunda at Ohio Stadium
"Congratulations on accomplishing a momentous milestone and welcome to the Buckeye family! As you progress and move on to next steps, remember to stay focused and diligent in all that you do. The sky is the limit. O-H-I-O!" Natasha '03
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Class of 2020 mosaic

The Ohio State University Alumni Association invited graduating students to submit photos to celebrate their commencement. The photos were compiled into this mosaic. The feature image was taken by Molly Ranz Calhoun '86, the 12th president and CEO of the alumni association.

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Photo mosaic by: ohiostatealumni @ Mosaically