The Ohio State University Alumni Association

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Support of SAC can be given through time, talents and financial assistance.


SAC seeks alumni volunteers to support our programs and provide a resource to current students.

Questions? To volunteer, contact Kylie Stickrath, Vice President of Membership, at

5 Under 25

5 Under 25 is an event that brings five Ohio State alumni under the age of 25 back to campus. The panelists share their undergraduate experience in a specific academic area or extracurricular activity and students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about life after graduation. This program gives students a glimpse of where their education at Ohio State can take them. Panel discussions have included topics like research, study abroad, first generation college experience, women in STEMM, and more! SAC-ers prepare and facilitate the events.

Dinner for 12 Buckeyes

Dinner for 12 Buckeyes provides Ohio State students, alumni, staff, and faculty opportunities to meet and connect in an informal setting. Over a catered dinner at Longaberger Alumni House, Buckeyes from all across campus and the alumni community gather to share stories and advice. They are a terrific experience for all parties involved.

Cookies and Milk

Cookies and Milk is an event that welcomes new members to the Student-Alumni Council. SAC alumni are asked to return and share their experience with the organization and how it has impacted their college experience, leadership skills, and career. This event helps SAC-ers and SAC alumni bond while enjoying the tradition of cookies and milk.

Be a Resource

SAC appreciates the talents of fellow Buckeyes and would love the opportunity to learn from alumni. If you have knowledge, skills, or ideas you would like to share with SAC, please reach out to us!


Your generosity will assist SAC grow their programs and enhance the Ohio State experience of both students and alumni.

The Student-Alumni Council is enhanced through private support. SAC has a variety of endowment and scholarship funds available for donation. These funds improve SAC programs and initiatives with the purpose of connecting students and alumni.

Questions? Contact Louis Mezzopera, Vice President of Finance, at

SAC Alumni Society Emerging Leaders Fund

The endowed fund’s annual distribution shall support the Student-Alumni Council (SAC), at the discretion of the Manager of Student Engagement.

Student-Alumni Council Upperclassman Scholarship

Established August 30, 1995, by the Student-Alumni Council through The Foundation. Income provides scholarships to currently enrolled students who have successfully completed three quarters of undergraduate curriculum at any university and intend to remain enrolled at this University for at least three quarters after receipt of the scholarship. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

Student-Alumni Council Outstanding Freshman Scholarship Fund

Established June 7, 1985, by the Student-Alumni Council. Income provides scholarships based on scholastics, service and leadership to freshmen not previously enrolled at Ohio State or any other university for more than three quarters. Unused income is re invested to principal.

Student-Alumni Council Operations and Service Endowment Fund

Established November 7, 1997, by the Council through The Foundation. Income supports operating expenses of the Council for projects benefiting the general membership and University-related service projects that benefit the greater campus community.

Student-Alumni Council Service Endowment

Established August 30, 1995, by the Council through The Foundation. Income supports University-related service projects having a philanthropic and/or benevolent purpose, enhancing the greater campus community and promoting awareness of activities and student lifestyles.

Student-Alumni Council Ohio Union Room Construction

Funds will be used to support the construction and furnishings for the SAC room in the Ohio Union