The Ohio State University Alumni Association

The Student-Alumni Council is closely affiliated with the Alumni Association.

We exist so we can help further the mission of the association by connecting students and alumni. Because we are dedicated to the Ohio State Alumni Association, we assist with several events throughout the year. This volunteering includes:

Buckeye Bashes

During select football games the Alumni Association hosts tailgates for Ohio State fans called Buckeye Bashes. Members of Student-Alumni Council are invited to participate in the events as well as volunteers. SACers help OSUAA staff with set-up/clean-up, crowd control, mingling, supervising games, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Alumni Club/Society Meetings

SAC has a Alumni Association Liaison Program Coordinator who is in charge of visiting different county-level alumni associations to explain what SAC is and what they can do for alumni. We also help keep alumni current on campus information. We visit different county meetings multiple times a quarter. SACers are invited to speak and reflect on their experiences at the meetings.

Alumni Awards

Every year, the Ohio State Alumni Association hosts Alumni Awards. These awards honor outstanding Ohio State alumni and their contributions to their communities, as well as our university. SACers host these award winners and assist with the production of the event.

Alumni Reunions

Every year the Alumni Association welcomes back different graduation classes of alumni to show them changes or remaining traditions at OSU. SACers help by volunteering at President Gee's house reception, providing library/union tours, and assisting with other duties to make sure the event is a success. 

5 Under 25

5 Under 25 is an event that brings five Ohio State alumni under the age of 25 back to campus. The panelists share their undergraduate experience in a specific academic area or extracurricular activity and students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about life after graduation. This program gives students a glimpse of where their education at Ohio State can take them.

Homecoming Pep Rally

The Homecoming Pep Rally is a way for the Student-Alumni Council to connect students and alumni by taking part in a Buckeye tradition. Students past and present are able to enjoy words of wisdom by influential Buckeye speakers such as President Gee, Archie Griffin, and OSU football players while also being able to interact with Brutus and the cheerleaders. To make the event complete, the band plays all of the Buckeye favorites including Carmen at the very end of the program. The Pep Rally allows all students and alumni to engage in the traditions and spirit that will lead students back to the University.

Dinner for 12 Buckeyes

Dinners for 12 Buckeyes is an event implemented by SAC to provides Ohio State students, alumni, staff, and faculty opportunities to meet and connect in an informal setting. Ohio State alumni host the dinners and help in creating a great environment for connecting Buckeyes and having stimulating conversations. These dinners help bring together Buckeyes from all across campus and the alumni community in a fun and unique way, and are a terrific experience for all parties involved