The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Connecting Ohio State alumni with undergraduate students

The program brings together students, alumni, and sometimes faculty, in specific fields over dinner held in the home of an alumnus, in a local restaurant, or in a campus facility. The representative alumni societies bear the cost of the dinner.

These dinners enable undergraduate students to meet with alumni and faculty who have similar fields of study and interests. Alumni and faculty have the opportunity to share their knowledge and insight into their fields, thereby aiding students’ college and professional careers.

Alumni responsibilities include:

  • Designating a contact to be the main link to the SAC dinner coordinator
  • Choosing and ensuring that 4-6 alumni attend the dinner
  • Ensuring that, if needed, up to two faculty members attend the dinner

Student-Alumni Council responsibilities include:

  • Finding 6 students in similar fields of study or with similar interests, to attend the dinner
  • Transporting students to the dinner
  • Working on dinner logistics, such as arranging for food and room setup
  • Providing nametags
  • Providing students with background information on the alumni at their dinner
  • Hosting a mandatory etiquette dinner for the students
  • Welcoming dinner guests
  • Concluding the event with a desert reception, complimentary of the Student-Alumni Council
  • Supervise the dinner to make sure it runs efficiently

To host a dinner, contact Program Coordinator Nikki Ghaffari at