The Ohio State University Alumni Association

The Student-Alumni Council is dedicated to bringing students together and creating a positive Ohio State experience for all students.

We have put together several programs and volunteer at many others events to help make a difference on campus. Here are examples of some activities in which SACers participate:

5 Under 25

5 Under 25 is an event that brings five Ohio State alumni under the age of 25 back to campus. The panelists share their undergraduate experience in a specific academic area or extracurricular activity and students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about life after graduation. This program gives students a glimpse of where their education at Ohio State can take them. Panel discussions this year include: engineering, public policy, business and study abroad. SAC-ers prepare and facilitate the events. Register for a program.

Beat T-Shirts

Everyone knows that Ohio State fans are highly spirited. SAC is sponsoring a new event to showcase our Buckeye pride! During every Big Ten home football game, SAC will be giving away and selling t-shirts. Shirts will be sold for $4 each for students. Visit the Alumni Association office in the Ohio Union on the Wednesday before a Big Ten at 10 a.m. to get your t-shirt! Click the above link for more information.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is an incredibly important time for new OSU freshman, and SAC loves to help. We rally during the freshman walk to convocation, help at campus locator booths and volunteer during the involvement fair. This year, SAC has created a new event where students can create their personal Traditions Bucket List.

Homecoming Pep Rally

The Homecoming Pep Rally is a way for the Student-Alumni Council to connect students and alumni by taking part in a Buckeye tradition. Students past and present are able to enjoy words of wisdom by influential Buckeye speakers such as President Gee and Archie Griffin while also being able to interact with Brutus and the cheerleaders. To make the event complete, the band plays all of the Buckeye favorites including Carmen at the very end of the program. The Pep Rally allows all students and alumni to engage in the traditions and spirit that will lead students back to the University.


Every year, three deserving students are awarded scholarships from SAC. We recognize that is often difficult to obtain a good education, therefore we choose to help by awarding two freshmen and one upperclassman with a scholarship each year. SACers help by marketing the scholarship, reviewing applications and conducting the interview process.  Scholarship winners are asked to attend the SAC Banquet to receive their award.

Dinner for 12 Buckeyes

Dinners for 12 Buckeyes is an event implemented by SAC to provides Ohio State students, alumni, staff, and faculty opportunities to meet and connect in an informal setting. Ohio State alumni host the dinners and help in creating a great environment for connecting Buckeyes and having stimulating conversations. These dinners help bring together Buckeyes from all across campus and the alumni community in a fun and unique way, and are a terrific experience for all parties involved.

Official Ring Program

The Ring Ceremony starts the exciting series of events leading up to Commencement. Now held in April, each participant is presented his or her official class ring by administrators within the Alumni Association and the university, including Archie Griffin. With a reception prior to the start of the ceremony, there is time for friends and family to get together and reminisce about their time on campus. SACers help ensure the program's success by assisting the Alumni Association throughout the planning and implementation of the event.

Commencement Week: Time and Change Tailgate and "Where will you be?"

Commencement Week concludes Spring Semester at Ohio State with tons of programming to celebrate our graduating seniors. SAC helps out with the week by planning the Time and Change Tailgate; a food, music, and door prize-filled event immediately following Commencement Rehearsal. Each year, graduates are invited kick back with their class and the Alumni Association as they celebrate their time at Ohio State and prepare for the change to come!

Where will you be? is a program where graduating students can put a pin on a map, showing the Buckeye community where they are headed after graduation. They can also view local alumni clubs to stay connected to the University when they are not living on campus.

SAC: Paying it Forward

SAC: Paying it Forward is an ongoing outreach that seeks to better the Ohio State experience for all students. Through small but significant acts of kindness, SAC hopes to brighten the day of individuals and therefore spur them to pass this generosity forward to others. This cycle of paying it forward will actively work to better the Buckeye community by spreading actions of compassion all across campus.